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Defining Aspects of BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho’s unique educational culture combined with a strong honor code and pioneer heritage provides a superior learning environment for students.

Innovative Teaching & Learning

Every course, program, and initiative at BYU-Idaho is designed to fulfill that mission. Our commitment to innovative teaching and learning is coupled with a desire for lifelong spirituality and leadership. The result is a top-quality education offered in a caring and nurturing environment.
BYU-Idaho uses a unique, proactive teaching style called the Learning Model. Students learn how to prepare before class, teach each other, and apply what they learn to life outside the classroom.
Apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings with an internship. BYU-Idaho students earn practical experience in jobs with experts from across the globe. Each internship allows students to build strong ties and skills for future careers.
BYU-Idaho’s campus is busy throughout the year because of the Three Track System. This unique calendar offers more classes to students during the year.
Students can finish degrees faster and graduate sooner with online courses. BYU-Idaho’s online courses give students more flexibility on and off campus. All courses have the same structure and teaching style as on-campus classes.
BYU-Idaho seeks to develop students who are spiritually focused and ready for leadership in their families, the workplace, and the community.
Mission Statement

Lifelong Spirituality & Leadership

Rigorous academic offerings and a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth combine to create a powerful educational experience that prepares BYU-Idaho graduates to build successful careers, create strong families, and contribute to the world around them.
At BYU-Idaho, we follow the Honor Code. As you live the Honor Code, you will find more spiritual strength and peace.
We need strong leadership everywhere: in our homes, in the Church, and in our communities. BYU-Idaho seeks to help every student develop leadership skills that will benefit their future roles.
Gain a spiritual boost from weekly devotionals! Step away from the daily demands of school and life to listen to inspiring messages from church leaders, faculty, and administration.
Campus students take part in weekly worship services with Latter-day Saints from all around the world. Academic learning goes hand in hand with a deep tie to faith, spirituality, and meaningful service.
BYU-Idaho has a rich history of service and faith that is more than 130 years old. Our founders’ values: sacrifice, humility, and care for others has guided our past and our future.