The following deadlines are for the Pre-licensure BSN application.  

Semester Application Opens Application Closes Approximate Notification Dates 
Fall October 16th *Update* February 15th You will be notified before the first day of registration for the corresponding semester
Winter February 16th May 15th
Spring May 16th October 15th *Update*



  1. Apply to BYU-I at
  2. Contact Academic Advising 
  3. Students must complete BIO 264, BIO 264L, BIO 265 and BIO 265L with a " B- " or higher and maintain a minimum of "C-" in all major courses.
  4. Students may repeat/retake a total of two (2) nursing prerequisite courses
  5. For courses needed prior to or at the time of application, see the "Suggested Course Sequence" section below. A final grade must be posted for BIO 264, BIO 264L, BIO 265, BIO 265L, CHEM 101, CHEM 101L and PSYCH 111 prior to acceptance.
  6. General work experience (paid & unpaid), medical experience (CNA, EMT, Medical Assisting), Church and community leadership, Church mission, military service, and ROTC students with an approved grad plan are all considered at the time applications are reviewed.
  7. May only apply twice
  8. 3.0 Core grade point average (GPA) at the time of selections (Core GPA courses include: BIO 264, BIO 264L, BIO 265, BIO 265L, CHEM 101, CHEM 101L and PSYCH 111.
  9. Pre-admission exam with a minimum 75% pass rate.  (Instructions for the  out of state pre-admission exam testing) * Make sure you obtain and keep your Pre-admission exam score sheet to upload into your application.

Acceptance is conditional on NURS 105 being completed prior to beginning the program. 

For Students with English as a Second Language

  • Take the English Proficiency Examination
  • Have a TOEFL score of at least 600 (paper-based score), 250 (computer-based score), 100 (Internet-based score).


The following information will be required for the application: 
  1. Core GPA of 3.0 or higher. Core GPA courses include: BIO 264, BIO 264L, BIO 265, BIO 265L, CHEM 101, CHEM 101L and PSYCH 111 
  2. Short Essay
  3. Work Resume specifying number or years working experience in medical field and general work experience
  4. Leadership Resume listing dates, organization, nature of the activity, and your role in that service project or activity- for school, community, or church leadership
  5. Two (2) letters of recommendation (one personal, one professional): Use the following link to fill out a reference request survey. Follow the directions in the survey carefully, and then send the link given in the survey to your desired reference. (All survey links can be used multiple times)
  6. Background check Student Background Investigation Instructions.
  7. Medical form (requires a signed physical)
  8. Unofficial transcripts from other universities/colleges attended (copies of official transcripts can be obtained through the BYU-I Student Records and Registration office by emailing
  9. Unofficial BYU-Idaho transcript
  10. Pre-Admission Exam score 75% or higher. Take the Pre-Admission exam. Download this PDF on Pre-Admission Exams for more information on how to register for it and the cost. If you're out-of-state, download and read the out-of-state information.
  11. TOEFL score, for students with English as a second language  

To bring the application, go to this webpage:

  • Note: On the application, there is not a "Final Submit" button.

If you encounter any issues with the application, please try using another browser (Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox). If there are any further issues, please email 

You are welcome to email ( or visit the Health Programs Outreach office (BEN 240, 242, 244) to verify if your application to the Nursing program is complete or to ask any questions you may have.

Pre-Licensure BSN Tuition and Fees

All costs are currently being updated - 

In addition to the university tuition, the Pre-Licensure BSN program has the following additional costs.  Estimated totals include fees, books, and software:

1 SEMESTER: $ 1325.00
2 SEMESTER: $ 625.00
3 SEMESTER: $ 425.00
4 SEMESTER: $ 425.00 + fees*

* Licensure and fingerprint fees are determined by the State Board of Nursing once registered for the NCLEX

Immunizations and Documentation

The following immunizations/documentation are going to be  required  after the point of your acceptance and they will need to be maintained, throughout the course of the program. 


Annual flu vaccine: Fall- Oct 15th deadline; Winter- Jan 15th deadline (only 1 is required per year and is dependent on the semester you are attending)

Annual verification of a negative TB/PPD skin test report (a positive result requires a clear chest x-ray report)

Upon Expiration:

Current copy of your * American Heart Association Basic Life Support, BLS Provider card*  (no other CPR card will be accepted)

Tdap (within the last 10 years)

The following are submitted at the time of acceptance only:

MMR (vaccination dates (2) or positive titers)

Hepatitis B (vaccination dates (3) or positive titer)

Varicella/Chicken pox (vaccination dates (2) or positive titer)

A 10-Panel Drug Test +alcohol - please wait for notification on when and how to obtain this from the Department of Nursing

After acceptance, please upload, and keep up-to-date, your immunizations on I-Place:

Academic Advising

For additional help, contact and advisor through the following.



Fall - February 15th 
Winter - May 15th
Spring - October 15th *Update*

Pre-Licensure BSN Availability

This program is available on the BYU-I campus during Winter, Spring, and Fall semesters. It takes 4 consecutive semesters to complete after acceptance into the program.

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Fax: 208-496-4553
Hours: 8am-5pm