Department of Health, Recreation, and Human Performance


Mission Statement

The Department of Health, Recreation, and Human Performance encompasses majors in the areas of health science, recreation management, and exercise science. Students pursuing degrees offered in this department will be qualified for careers in paramedicine and emergency services, therapeutic recreation, healthcare administration, public health, worksite wellness, corporate fitness, and personal training, just to name a few.

Our majors include courses from a variety of disciplines across campus including biology, chemistry, physics, and business. This provides an excellent foundation for students interested in pursuing graduate school, research, or medicine. Specific pre-approved clusters and minors provide the essential coursework for students who are not necessarily majors to develop the knowledge and experience to pass accredited certification exams that will add to their marketability and provide additional income opportunities.

To increase experience, many of our courses require hands-on learning wherein students are required to mentor, train, or lead other individuals. We also encourage participation in BYU-Idaho Activities Program. This will strengthen a student's abilities to lead and apply classroom knowledge.

Steve Kimpel

Steve Kimpel
Department Chair
Health, Recreation, & Human Performance
145C Clarke Building
(208) 496-4681

Rae Jean Stuart
Office Assistant
Health, Recreation, & Human Performance
145 Clarke Building
(208) 496-4671