A Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) aids the Physical Therapist (PT) with patient rehabilitation to help reduce pain, improve mobility and function. PTAs may also assist in exercise instruction, data collection, and documentation. PTA licensure requires an associate's degree from an accredited program and a passing score on the national licensure exam.

Internship Overview

PTA 198 during Winter Semester

Student will be assigned to an Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic.

PTA 298 during Fall Semester

Student will be assigned to an Acute Care, Rehab/Sub Acute Rehab, Extended Care/Nursing Home/SNF, Home Health, or Pediatric facility.

Required Internship Opportunities

1. Information

PTA 198 and PTA 298 are internship opportunities. Each internship is unpaid and lasts 7 weeks, 40 hours per week.  Students are not allowed to complete multiple internships within the same facility. All internship evaluations are done online. No internships are available during Summer Session.

2. Preparation

The HPO office will send each PTA student a survey asking for internship placement preferences during the 2nd week of the 1st semester (Fall) and the 2nd week of the 2nd semester (Winter). We cannot guarantee any specific facility or location.

3. Registration

PTA faculty, Internship & Career Services, and the HPO office work together in registering the students for the PTA 198 and PTA 298 internships.