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Recreation Management Student Resources

Recreation Management Mission Statement

Recreation Management majors become disciple leaders through enhanced self-efficacy. Students develop diverse skills including the management of: Fiscal, Physical and Human Resources and the inherent risks in Leisure Services.

The program does this by:

  • Partnering with other university and community programs.
  • Providing practical learning experiences in both classroom and field settings.
  • Utilizing the resources unique to the region.

The Recreation Management program provides students life-enhancing abilities to create wholesome recreation and leisure experiences in professional settings, civic, the Church, and home & family.

"I'll always remember my times as a Recreation Management major at BYUI. I have great memories of the adventures, lessons, and more importantly the dedicated staff. This major is what kept me at BYUI. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!"
BYU-I Recreation Management Alumni

Resources to help you succeed

Discover information and job outcomes by exploring the Alumni Profiles of past students who graduated in the Recreation Management major.
Network, ask questions, and research internships. Gain more exposure you have to various settings and populations associated with your major.
Discover societies and other learning opportunities within the BYU-I campus that enable you to succeed in all of your endeavors.