Defining Aspects of BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho seeks to develop students who are spiritually focused and ready for leadership in their families, the workplace, and the community.

Every course, program, and initiative at BYU-Idaho is designed to fulfill that mission. Our commitment to innovative teaching and learning is coupled with a desire for lifelong spirituality and leadership. The result is a top-quality education offered in a caring and nurturing environment.

Rigorous academic offerings and a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth combine to create a powerful educational experience that prepares BYU-Idaho graduates to build successful careers, create strong families, and contribute to the world around them.

Innovative Teaching & Learning

Learning Model

The guiding framework for teaching and learning.


Year-round Calendar

Maximizing campus resources to serve more students.



A groundbreaking approach to general education classes.



Classroom learning meets real-world application.


Online Learning

Redefining learning through powerful technology.



Extending access to education around the world.

Lifelong Spirituality & Leadership

Personal Honor

A commitment to living with integrity.


Student Leadership Model

Instilling the qualities of true leaders.


Church Service

Student congregations foster spiritual growth.


Student Activities Program

Opportunities to be participants, not spectators.



A weekly worship service for the campus community.


Our Heritage

The institutional legacy that guides BYU-Idaho today.