BYU-Idaho has established and maintains traffic ways and parking facilities for use by faculty, staff, students and community patrons. All university buildings and grounds are governed by rules and regulations established for the purposes of maintaining safety and order pursuant to Idaho Code 49-222 and Rexburg City Ordinance #759. Those regulations listed hereafter govern the grounds, traffic ways and parking lots of BYU-Idaho.

Table of Contents

1.0 Definitions

2.0 Parking Permits

3.0 Parking Regulations

4.0 Parking Lot Designations

5.0 Sanctions and Fines

6.0 Appeal Procedure

7.0 Parking Committee

8.0 Waiver of Liability

9.0 Sign Legend

10.0 Shared Vehicle

1.0 Definitions

1.1 Abandoned Vehicle

Any vehicle left unmoved in a university parking lot for more than 10 consecutive days.

1.2 Campus

Any Property owned and maintained by Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho).

1.3 Citation - Campus

A notice of parking regulation violation issued by the Parking Services Office for which a fine is assessed. This is an administrative sanction established by the university which governs university property.

1.4 Citation - Municipal

A notice of a municipal parking violation issued by the Rexburg police department for which a fine is assessed. This is a legal sanction established by ordinance of the City of Rexburg.

1.5 Employee (administrator, faculty, and staff)

All full and part-time administration, faculty, or staff employees working at BYU-Idaho. Student employees are not considered staff employees for the purposes of parking rules and regulations.

1.6 Financial Hold

A hold placed on student transcripts which will not allow the release of grades or transcripts until all unsatisfied financial matters are resolved.

1.7 Fines

A penalty fee assessed for parking violation.


1.8 Motorcycle, Moped, Scooter

Any two or three-wheeled vehicle, with a seat, propelled by other than human power. Motorcycle parking spaces are designated on campus. Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters must have a license plate in order to park on campus.

1.9 Parking Appeals Committee

Two committees. One consisting of representatives from the employees and the second consisting of volunteers from the student body of BYU-Idaho. Both are given the responsibility of determining the validity of parking violation appeals.

1.10 Parking Permit

A decal or hanging permit issued by the Parking Services Office which authorizes a vehicle to be parked in designated areas on the BYU-Idaho campus.

1.11 Parking Services Office

A division of Public Safety Department is responsible for management and enforcement of university parking rules and regulations. The office is located in Kimball Building Room 150H. Phone number 208-496-3030.

1.12 Resident Student

Any student living on campus in university housing.

1.13 Student

Any individual enrolled in university courses regardless of the number of hours carried or whether they are on track, off track, deferred, or on temporary suspension.

1.14 Visitor

A community patron, or other party, visiting the BYU-Idaho campus who is not affiliated with the university as faculty, staff, administrator, student, a spouse, or their immediate family member living in the same household.

1.15 Non-Matriculating Student

A community patron whom, is taking classes on campus during the current semester. Non-matriculating students are to be considered as a visitor.


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2.0 Parking Permits

2.1 Required for All Vehicles

Parking Permits are required for all vehicles parking in university parking lots and streets. Student, employee, visitor, service, and handicap permits may be obtained from the Parking Services Office located in Kimball Building Room 150H. Holders of state issued handicap permits are not required to obtain a BYU-Idaho parking permit.

Permits may be ordered online at during renewal times. They may also be obtained in person at the Parking Services window, Kimball 150H.



2.1.1 Student Permits

All student permits must be requested online.

All permits must be picked up by Friday of the first week of the semester or 5 days after the semester starts. Permit requests will be held for 5 days and if not picked up, request will be removed and a refund will be issued.

Students are allowed only one parking permit. If the student is married to another student and the couple only have one car, they can only have one permit.
Students may purchase one student permit and acquire an additional Economy (E) permit for a non-student spouse, if needed, for $5. The Economy permit must be assigned to a second vehicle. 

2.2 Permit Holder Required to Know Policy

Responsibility for compliance with all parking rules and regulations is assumed by the vehicles registered owner or authorized user. The responsible party should obtain and read all such regulations they will be held accountable for.

The individual receiving a permit is responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle for which the permit is assigned, even if the vehicle incurs a citation while loaned to another.

2.3 Types of Permits

Types of permits, fees and periods of validity for permits have been established by the BYU-Idaho administration as described hereafter.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to assure the permit is displayed properly and visible to outside observers.

To switch from one permit to another (e.g., “S” to “N”), the old permit must be scraped off and the scraping returned to the Parking Services Office. The cost of the new permit will be billed to your “I” account.

2.3.1 Employees “A” Permits

Administration, faculty, and staff are entitled to one transferable (hanging) “A” permit and either an "FN" or "FS” hanging tag for a second vehicle. The “A” permit allows employees to park in any of the stalls on campus except for handicap, service, visitor, and fire lanes. The “FN” permit allows parking in the lots marked as north (student) parking. The “FS” permit will allow parking in the lots marked as south (student) parking. The initial permits are provided at no cost to the employee.

Both permits are initially valid for two years and expire on the date printed on the permits.

The permits may be transferred between an employee’s vehicles that are registered with the Parking Office.

Additional "FN" or "FS" parking permits may be purchased by the employee at the respective cost for additional vehicles.

The only exceptions to this are the “H” and “L” lots; employees may not purchase “H” or “L” permits.

Temporary & Part-time Employees – Temporary and part-time employees are issued their respective permit based on the expected length of employment up to one calendar year, and may be renewed if employment continues. This permit is to be used by the employee or the spouse only.

Student employees are not eligible for any type of full-time, part-time, temporary, semester, or service employee permits.

2.3.2 Retirees “A” Permit

Those who retire from BYU-Idaho (or CES) and still have a need to park on campus will be issued one “A”

permit. It will also have the “AR” designation in the number on the tag.

It allows the retiree, and/or his/her spouse to park anywhere on campus, with the exception of service, timed, Handicap, and loading zone stalls. A citation may be issued if other members of the family, or friends, use the permit for their own purposes.

The permit is issued on the same schedule as the employees permits. When Parking Services receives a request that the retiree wants to continue this privilege the new permit will be issued and available for pick-up.

If a second permit is needed, the retiree must contact the Parking Services Office and explain the need. A

second permit may be issued at that time.

There is no cost to the retiree for this permit.

2.3.3 Student "N” Permit

Students may obtain one “N” permit for a vehicle to be parked in the “North Zone” on campus. “N” permits are valid for the “North Zone” parking lots only. (See Parking Map)

The cost of the permit is $40 per semester.

Permits are valid until the expiration date printed on them.

2.3.4 Student “S” Permit

Students may obtain one “S” permit for a vehicle to be parked in the “South Zone” on campus. “S” permits are valid for the “South Zone” parking lots only. (See Parking Map)

The cost of the permit is $30 per semester.

Permits are valid until the expiration date printed on them.

2.3.5 Resident “H” Permit

Students living in the university housing are entitled to purchase one “H” permit for a vehicle they will be using while at BYU-Idaho. This will allow them to park in the “H” lots only. The cost of this permit is $30 per semester.

2.3.6 Married Housing “UV” Permit

Those living in University Village will receive up to 2 “UV” stickers on an annual basis and issued by University Housing.

The cost of this permit is $15 in Winter Semester, $10 in Spring Semester, and $5 in Fall Semester.

2.3.7 Church Lot “C” Permit

This permit allows the purchaser to park in the 4th Ward church lot located on 2nd South and 1st East at a cost of $30 per semester. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other campus permit.

Employees that have a current “A” permit may also park in the church lot upon notifying the Parking Office. This is necessary so that when there is a funeral, or other function at the church, we will be able to notify everyone that parks there to park elsewhere on campus that day.

2.3.8 Economy “E” Permit

This permit allows the registrant to park in the College Avenue Lot, 2nd East Lot, Seventh South Lot (Not in the Long-Term section of the lot), Sports Complex Lot, and the East Stake Center Lot.

The cost of this permit is $5 per semester.

2.3.9 Long Term/Overnight Lot “L” Permit

A portion of the Seventh South has been divided off and signed as the Long Term lot. The Sports Complex parking lot on the South Side of 7th South is Long term in the Winter Semester only. The Long Term lot is to be used by off campus housing complexes that have a contract with BYU-Idaho. Long-term permits are ONLY allowed in the designated “L” Lot in the Long-Term parking stalls. All other campus permits are not allowed to park in “L” stalls.

You may need to move your vehicle during the semester for lot maintenance. We will notify you through your BYU-I email at least 48 hours in advance by the school and/or your housing manager. If the vehicle is not moved on the scheduled day, the vehicle maybe towed at owner’s expense.

The cost of this permit is $60 per semester.

2.3.10 Dignitary "X" Permit

The “X” hanging permit is assigned by the President’s Council to local dignitaries for use on campus.

The permit allows that person to park anywhere on campus.

This permit can be revoked only by the President’s Council.

2.3.11 Employee Service Permit

A Service Permit allows employees to park in the service stalls for a limited amount of time and grants access to all lots the “A” permit allows.  Employees can have either a Service Permit or an “A” permit. The service permit is issued after an application has been filled out and signed by a Department Chair or Director and approved by the Parking Committee.

2.3.12 On-Campus Housing Manager Permits

This permit is for managers of the housing complexes on campus. Managers are allotted two stalls by the complex, the “Housing Manager” permit must be displayed in the vehicle. They are allowed two of these “Housing Manager” permits. These permits are also considered an “A” permit meaning the “Housing Manager” permit allows managers to park in any of the stalls on campus except for handicap, service, visitor, and fire lanes.

2.4 Visitors, Vendors, and Others

Community patrons may obtain permits according to need. There is no charge for these permits.

These permits are valid for the specified period designated on the permit.

Visitors not directly associated with BYU-Idaho may park in any of the visitor lots or stalls without a parking permit.

If, for any reason, a citation is issued to a visitor for parking on campus without a permit, that citation will be voided upon proof of identification.

2.5 Government Vehicles

Government vehicles with “EX” plates are treated as visitors when on official government business.

2.6 Display of Permits

Permits shall be displayed according to the following instructions:

2.6.1 Bumper Sticker Permits

Bumper sticker permits are to be 100% attached by the adhesive on the rear bumper driver side, of the vehicle.


2.6.2 Hanging Permits

Hanging permits shall be hung on the interior rearview mirror so that the color, shape, and number of the permit is clearly visible from the front of the vehicle. If no rearview mirror is present, the permit shall be placed on the vehicle dashboard facing upward, on the passenger side (above the glove compartment) to enable the permit to be found more quickly when windshields are snow covered or icy.

Temporary employees are issued a temporary hanging permit.

2.6.3 Temporary Permits

Temporary permits shall be used according to the instructions described for hanging permits.

2.6.4 Motorcycle Permits (also required for mopeds, scooters, and single seat four-wheelers)

Permits must be placed on the exterior surface of the motorcycle, in plain sight, and clearly visible.

2.6.5 State-Issued Handicap Permits

All state-issued handicap permits are valid on the BYU-Idaho campus. Temporary state-issued handicap permits can be requested at any county Division of Motor Vehicle office.

State-issued handicap permits shall be placed in a way that is clearly visible to external inspection.

The hanging permit is not required when handicap plates have been issued to the vehicle.

2.6.6 BYU-Idaho-Issued Handicap Permits

The process to obtain a temporary handicap permit, to be used exclusively on the BYU-Idaho campus, is the same as obtaining a state-issued permit. Temporary BYU-Idaho-issued handicap permits are valid to the date/time recommended by a doctor or until the end of the current semester, whichever comes first.

2.6.8 Side-by-side and UTV Permits (Four-wheelers with side-by-side seating)

Vehicles with side-by-side seating and four wheels are required to park in regular stalls with a valid BYU-Idaho vehicle parking permit and not a Motorcycle permit. If the vehicle does not have a windshield or rear-view mirror, the permit will need to be clearly visible on the dash or steering mechanism.

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3.0 Parking Regulations

3.1 Parking Permit Required for All Associated with the University

A valid parking permit is required for all full- and part-time administrative, faculty, and staff personnel and for all full-and part-time students to park a motor vehicle in BYU-I parking lots and campus streets, including those enrolled in Continuing Education classes.

Community patrons or other visitors should obtain a parking permit from Parking Services if they are on campus Monday through Friday 7am-4pm.

3.1.1 Vehicle License Plate Required

All motorized vehicles parking on campus must have at least a valid license plate attached to the vehicle. License plates are used to track and identify vehicles. Not having a plate attached to your vehicle will result in the vehicle being cited and/or booted.

3.2 Vehicle Must Park Consistent with Permit

A vehicle shall be parked only in the lots and stalls for which the issued permit is valid.



3.2.1 Permits per Vehicle

Students may only park in the zone where their permit is valid; borrowing another student’s permit for another zone is prohibited.

3.3 Regulated Stalls

Regulated stalls are identified below. No unauthorized vehicles are permitted to park in regulated stalls.

3.3.1 Service Stalls

A service stall is designated to load or unload heavy items, be near the building when trips back and forth to a vehicle are necessary to obtain supplies, or for short appointments (30 minutes or less). Service stalls are not designed for employee parking. When a service stall is not needed the vehicle should be parked where the “A” permit allows.

Service stalls are identified by a painted white curb and/or a service sign.

Service spaces are reserved for university-owned vehicles and/or service vehicles performing authorized

university business.

Enforcement is Monday through Friday 7a.m. – 5p.m., unless otherwise posted.

3.3.2 Handicap Spaces

Handicap spaces are identified by a painted blue curb and a handicap sign.

Only vehicles operated by or for handicapped individuals and displaying a handicap permit are allowed to park in these spaces.

Handicap stalls are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Those tampering with, misusing and illegally possessing a handicapped permit will be referred to the Public Safety Office, the Dean of Students, or the Personnel Office.

Those with temporary health problems, and are in need of a handicapped permit, must bring a request form signed by a doctor specifying the health problem and duration for a university handicap permit.

These permits are available at Parking Services, Kimball Building Room 150H, and are only valid on BYU-Idaho property.

If all of the designated handicap stalls are full the vehicle may be parked in any “A”, “N”, or “S” stall in the area.

3.3.3 Visitor Spaces

Visitor spaces are identified by a painted white curb and a visitor sign. Such spaces are reserved for community patrons.

There are four visitor parking areas on campus.

·         On the east side of the Manwaring Center, near Catering.

·         On the east end of west Viking Drive, next to the BYU-I Center

·         On the west side of the Romney building, south side of the Snow building

·         On the east side of the Kimball building

Administrators, faculty, staff, students, or their immediate family living in the same household, are not permitted to park in these spaces.

3.3.4 Student Health Center Patient Parking

Visitor stalls for the Student Health Center are in the Southeast section of the Kimball parking lot.

They are designated by a curb painted white and signs designating the stalls as reserved for “HEALTH CENTER PATIENT ONLY.” If a person parks in a “Health Center Patient Only” stall and does not enter the Student Health Center or if they leave the Student Health Center and go elsewhere on campus, a citation may be issued.

3.3.5 10-Minute Pick-up and Drop-off

10-minute pick-up and drop-off spaces are available for use by any vehicle.

Parking longer than the 10 minutes constitutes a violation.

There is one stall located by the Taylor Building on the South East corner, one on the west side of the Benson Building, one on Center Street East of the Austin and one on the west side of Centre Square.

3.3.6 20-Minute Parking

20-minute pick-up and drop-off spaces are available for use by any vehicle.

Parking longer than the 20 minutes constitutes a violation.

These stalls are located on the east side of the Hinckley Building.

3.3.7 30-Minute Parking

30-minute parking spaces are available for use by all members of the university community and visitors for a period of 30 minutes or less.

Parking for longer than 30 minutes constitutes a violation.

These stalls are located south of the Snow Building, east of the Manwaring Building, east of the Kimball Building, west of the Austin Building, south side of the BYU-Idaho Center, on the east side of Centre Square closest to W 7th South.

3.3.8 No Parking Zones

“No parking” zones are identified by painted yellow curbs and/or signs. No vehicle parking is permitted in such areas. Parking outside areas designated for parking, parking adjacent to yellow curbs, and/or outside lined stalls constitute a violation.

3.3.9 Fire Zones

Fire zones are identified by a sign and/or the curb painted red.

Vehicle parking is not permitted in these areas.

Parking in or blocking these areas constitutes a violation.

3.3.10 Motorcycle/Scooter/Moped/Four-wheeler Parking

Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, etc., may be parked at the ends of parking rows within painted triangular or rectangular areas and in designated motorcycle parking areas in either “A”, “N” or “S” lots and in designated areas on the campus streets.

Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, etc., may not park in a regular vehicle stall or next to handicap stalls.
Motorcycles, scooters, moped, etc., must have a license plate or state issued permit to park on campus.

3.3.11 Loading/Unloading Zones

Loading zones are located at designated areas on campus and are intended for loading and unloading purposes.

Any vehicle may park up to 20 minutes in a loading zone for the designated purpose of loading/unloading.

When parking for this purpose, the flashers shall be activated. Vehicles may be cited if left unsupervised for an extended period with no loading/unloading occurring.

3.4 Parking within Stalls

Vehicles shall be parked entirely within painted lines, when such lines are visible, and as nearly in proper position as possible when such lines are not visible (e.g., covered by snow).

3.5 Impedance of Traffic

Vehicles shall not be parked so as to block or otherwise restrict driveways and/or traffic ways.

3.6 Motorcycle Spaces

Automobiles shall not park on motorcycle spaces and motorcycles shall not park in vehicle stalls.

3.7 Overnight Parking

Overnight parking (1-4 a.m.) is prohibited in all lots except with an authorized permit (e.g., “L” “H”) at Centre Square, Sports Complex Lot (Winter Semester ONLY) Seventh South Long-Term parking stalls. Campus related overnight actives can receive an overnight pass from the parking office who will direct you to where you can park.

3.8 Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles may be parked on a temporary basis with approval of and in a location designated by the Parking Services Office.

3.9 Parking on Driveways, Landscapes, etc.

Parking or driving on sidewalks or landscaped areas is prohibited except for university owned vehicles operated in the performance of necessary duties and only when authorized by Physical Facilities and/or Public Safety

3.10 Fire Hydrants

Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant is prohibited.

3.11 Diagonal Spaces

Diagonal spaces are provided where space is limited in the Taylor, Stadium and Pioneer lots; vehicles shall not be parked backwards in these diagonal spaces, causing the driver to enter traffic in the wrong direction when leaving the space.

3.12 Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are prohibited on university property and will be removed at owner’s expense.

Any vehicle that has not been moved for more than 10 days, outside of designated overnight parking areas, is considered abandoned.

3.13 Repairing Vehicles on Campus

No major repairs shall be made on vehicles parked in university parking lots or on campus streets.

3.14 Large Vehicles

Vehicles larger than full-sized pick-up trucks shall not be parked on campus property on a continuing basis unless permission is provided by the Parking Office.

3.15 Exceptions/Additions

Exceptions to parking regulations may be granted by the Parking Services Office if deemed necessary.

Additions to the parking regulations may only be made at the discretion of the Campus Planning Committee, the Campus Parking Committee, and the President’s Council.

3.16 Enforcement

Enforcement of parking rules and regulations will be accomplished by Parking Services personnel.

3.17 Days and Hours of Enforcement

Hours of enforcement for parking permit regulations are Monday through Friday, year round from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. All parking regulations will be enforced after these hours, except the need for BYU-I issued permits. On-campus housing, which includes University Village and Centre Square apartments, may be enforced at other times as indicated on the signs posted at the entrances to those lots.

Weekend and holiday enforcement will not require the need for BYU-I issued parking permits.

Days of enforcement for all parking regulations are during designated school days (beginning the first day of each semester). It does not include days during the semester when school is not in session, (i.e. designated holidays, testing days, etc.).

The days between semesters will be treated the same as weekend enforcement.

Handicap, yellow and red curbs, no parking zones, and other similar rules and regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All parking regulations will be enforced on Sunday, except the need for BYU-I issued permits.

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3.18 Vehicles Pulling Trailers

Vehicles pulling trailers are only allowed to park in the Sports Complex Lot or East Stake Center. The vehicle will need to have a current permit displayed. Exceptions for parking vehicles with trailers in other lots can be made through the Parking Office.  

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4.0 Parking Lot Designations

4.1 North Zone Parking Lots & Streets

4.1.1 Clarke

The Clarke parking lot is located east of the Clarke Building and is reserved for “A” permit and “Child Lab”


4.1.2 Pioneer

The Pioneer Lot is located east of the Smith building and north of Chapman and Lamprecht Hall. These lots are designated for “A” and “N” parking.

4.1.4 Manwaring

The Manwaring parking lot is located immediately east of the Manwaring Center. This lot is posted “A” permit, “Visitor” and “Catering Pickup”.

4.1.5 Taylor

The Taylor Parking lot is located immediately west of the John Taylor Religion Building. This lot is designated “N” permits with one 10-minute parking stalls. The crosswalk separates the Taylor and the Benson lots.


4.1.6 Hart

The Hart south parking lot is located at the southwest corner of the Hart Physical Education Building. This lot is open to “A” permit parking.

4.1.7 South Stadium

The South Stadium parking lot is located immediately south of the football stadium on the West side of campus and connects to the North Stadium Lot. The lot is open to “N” permit parking.

4.1.8 North Stadium

The North Stadium parking lot is located immediately north of the football stadium at the northwest corner of the campus. This lot is open to “N” permit parking.

4.1.9 Snow

The Snow Building parking lot is located south of the Snow Building and east of the stadium. The Snow lot is reserved for “A” permit parking.

4.1.10 Kirkham

The Kirkham lot is located on the northeast corner of the Kirkham Building and is designated for “A” permit parking.

4.1.11 Kimball

The Kimball parking lot is located to the east of the Kimball Student and Administrative Services Building.

The west section is for “A” permit parking and the east section is for “N” permit parking. There are signs and a yellow line on the pavement that divides the lot into “A” and “N” parking.

4.1.12 BYU-I Center South Lot

The BYU-I Center South lot is located on the South side of the center and is designated for “N” permit parking.

4.1.13 BYU-I Center West Lot

The BYU-I Center West lot is located just West of the center and is designated "N" for the West half & "A" for the East half.

4.1.14 Third South Lot

This lot is located on 3rd South and is designated for “N” permit parking.

4.1.15 East Viking Drive

This road is South of the women’s dorms. It is designated for “N” permit parking.

4.1.16 North End of Center Street

The North End Center Street lot runs North / South and goes from West Campus Drive North to the auditorium circle. It is designated for “N” permit parking.

4.1.17 West Campus Drive

This road runs East / West just North of the Austin Building. This road is designated for “A” permit parking.

4.1.18 Second South Lot

The Second South Lot is located on the corner of Second South and Center Street. It is designated for “N” parking.

4.2 South Parking Zone Parking Lots & Streets

4.2.1 Benson

The Benson Parking lot is located north of the Benson Building. The North crosswalk divides it from the Taylor lot which is designated as “N” permit parking.

The Benson lot is designated “A” permit parking.

4.2.2 Benson South Lot

This lot is located just south and West of the Benson greenhouses, on the lower level.

This lot is designated “A” permit parking.

4.2.3 Hinckley

The Hinckley parking lot is located on the east side of the Gordon B. Hinckley Building. This lot is open for “A”, “S”, permit and 30-minute parking.

4.2.4 Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services parking lot is located on the north, east, and south sides, of Auxiliary Services Building. It is open to customer and “A” permit parking.

4.2.5 AG Engineering

The Agriculture Engineering parking lot is located on the north and south sides of the AG Engineering Building.

This lot is designated as “A” permit parking.

4.2.6 Ricks

The Thomas E. Ricks parking lot is located to the East of the Ricks building. The west section is for “A” permit and handicapped parking. The remainder of the lot is for “S” parking permit.

4.2.7 South Center Street

The South designated portion of South Center Street begins at West Campus Drive and goes south from that point to Seventh South Street.

It is designated as “S” permit parking.

4.2.8 Sage Street

Sage Street is located between the Austin Building and the Science and Technology building.

It is designated as “S” permit parking.

4.2.9 Austin South Lot

This lot is just south of the Austin building and accessed from Physical Plant Way.

It is designated as “A” permit parking.

4.2.10 Physical Plant Way

This street is located between the Physical Facility Offices and the Austin Building.

The street is designated “A” permit parking only.

4.2.11 Physical Facilities Lot

This lot is located just south of the Physical Facility Office building.

It is designated “A” permit parking only.

4.2.12 Sage Lot

This Lot located west of the Science and Technology building. It is designated “A” & “S” permit parking only

4.2.13 Science and Technology Lot

This lot is south of the Science and Technology building. It is designated as “S” permit parking

4.3 Other Lots

4.3.1 Seventh South Parking Lot

The Seventh South parking lot is located on the South side of campus, just north of the Temple. It is

designated as a commuter lot. Part of the lot contains long term parking and is designated with an “L” permit which is only available to contracted residents in specially contracted off campus housing. The remainder of the lot is considered a Economy Permit Lot and is designated with an “E” permit. All current BYU-I parking permits are allowed in an "E" lot except “L” permits.

4.3.2 Second East Lot

This lot is located east of the Ricks building close to 2nd East street.

It is designated as “E” permit parking - all current BYU-I parking permits are allowed in an "E" lot except “L” permits.

4.3.3 Sports Complex Lot

This lot is located on the South side of Seventh South. It is designated as “E” permit parking - all current BYU-I parking permits are allowed in an "E" lot except “L” permits. This lot is designated as “L” ONLY for the Winter semester.

4.3.4 4th Ward Church Lot

The lot is located behind the church building on the corner of 1st East and 2nd South. It is designated “A”

and “C” permit parking. The row closest to the building is reserved for members of the 4th, 15th and student assigned wards as well as handicapped. There will be times when the lot will not be available for university parking (i.e. funerals and other church functions). When this lot is full, overflow parking is allowed in the College Avenue lot.

4.3.5 East Stake Center Lot

The East Stake Center Lot is located on 7th South directly to the west of the temple. It is designated as “E” permit parking - all current BYU-I parking permits are allowed in an "E" lot except “L” permits.

4.3.6 Centre Square Lots

The Centre Square Lots are on the corner of 7th South and 1st West. These lots are on the perimeter of the Centre Square apartments on the west, north, and east sides. These lots are reserved for residents of Centre Square who have purchased an “H” (Housing) permit. No other permits are valid in the Centre Square lots.

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5.0 Sanctions and Fines

5.1 Citations

Vehicles parked in violation of the university parking rules and regulations will receive a parking citation. Parking citations shall be placed on the front windshield or on the driver’s side of a vehicle.

5.1.1 Lost Citations

When a citation is issued to the permit holder, the owner (or authorized user), he/she is responsible for payment of all citations issued to vehicles on BYU-Idaho campus, even if the citation was lost (stolen or blown away).

5.1.2 Current Parking Violation Fines

Parking fines at BYU-Idaho are based on the following accelerated scale.

Receiving a parking citation within thirty six months for any offence places the offender in the 2nd fine category. Receiving additional citations within the past thirty six months will result in the offender progressing through to the 5th fine level. All subsequent fines will be issued at the 5th citation level.














Health Center Parking Violations







Misuse of Handicapped Permit







Other Major Infractions







Stolen/Forged/Altered Permit







Ticket Scam







Red Curb/Barricade







Unauthorized Use of Permit







Expired Time in Stall







Loading Zone







Parking in Traffic Way







Parking on Sidewalk or Landscape







Restricted Parking-Service







Restricted Parking-Visitor







Yellow Curb







Failure to Affix Decal







No Visible License Plate







Parking in a No Parking Zone







Parking Outside of Stall







Parking Where Permit Not Valid







Expired Permit







Failure to Display Permit







Parking 1-4 a.m.







Improper Display of Permit








5.1.3 Fine Payment

Violation fines shall be paid at Cashier’s Office, Kimball Building, Room 130, or on-line through your I-account.

Fines are not to be paid at the Parking Services Office window.

5.1.4 Unresolved Fines

Unresolved fines will result in a financial hold being placed on the transcripts of the student permit holder.

5.2 Parking Education

A student may attend more than one parking class but may only have one of the first two citations fines waived for attendance. After the second citation the student may not receive a fine waiver even if the class is attended.

Some citations may automatically result in a referral to Student Honor office; for employees it will be the Human Resources, or Academic VP depending on status; (i.e. “Stolen/Forged/Altered Permit”, “Ticket Scam”, or other severe violations as determined by Parking Services or the Appeals Committees).

Citation records are accumulative and maintained for three (3) years from date of citation.

Parking Education Class for students is held every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm in Kimball 245

throughout each semester. It consists of peer instruction to teach the purpose of parking regulations.

5.3 Booting

Vehicles may be booted for any of the following reasons:

a. Identification of the owner of a vehicle

b. For confiscation of an unauthorized or stolen permit

c. Motorized vehicle not having a license plate.

5.4 Towing

These regulations and towing guidelines do not apply to vehicles that are towed from city streets.

Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense for any of the following reasons:

a. Parked vehicle blocking the traffic way or a driveway, or where it constitutes an immediate hazard.

b. Left on campus property more than 10 days and determined to be abandoned.

c. Impeding snow removal.

5.4.1 Identified Vehicles. Vehicles meeting the criteria for towing from university property may be towed to a designated location on campus for storage. In order to be stored on university property the following criteria must be met;

a. The vehicle must be clearly identified as property of a student or employee at the university. This may be done through license plate information or BYU-Idaho parking permit information.

b. Parking employees have issued a parking citation for the appropriate offense.

c. The tow charge will be billed to the student or employee’s personal university I-account. The university will pay the tow company with money charged to the vehicle owner’s account. The purpose of this regulation is to save students and employees the expense of substantial storage fees when their vehicle is towed.

5.4.2 Unidentified Vehicles. Vehicles that cannot be clearly identified as property of students or employees of the university will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The owner of the vehicle will need to contact the tow company to make arrangements for tow and storage costs.


5.5 Ticket Scam

Any tampering with citations by moving them, changing the material written on them, or altering them in any way constitutes a ticket scam. Citations may not be moved from one vehicle to another or used in any way to avoid further citations.

Such behavior is dishonest and constitutes a ticket scam and will result in a citation and referral to the Dean of Students Office or Human Resources.

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6.0 Appeal Procedure

6.1 Appeal Process

6.1.1 All Appeals

First Appeal - Students, visitors, faculty, staff and administrators desiring to appeal a parking citation shall appeal the citation online at All citations should be appealed within two weeks (14 calendar days) beginning the day of receiving the citation or they may not be heard or considered. All appeals will be answered by e-mail.

6.1.2 Student Appeals

Student appeals are sent to the Student Appeals Committee for review and disposition.

The Student Appeals Committee consists of volunteer students and a committee chair designated by the Public Safety Office.

The committee is trained in their duties and their appeals reviewed by the Public Safety Office but the decisions made are those of the committee.

6.1.3 Employee Appeals

Faculty, administrative, and staff appeals are handled by the Employee Appeals Committee.

The Employee Appeals Committee is established as follows:

The committee is comprised of five members; 2 – Faculty, 2 – Staff, 1 – Administrator who would serve as the committee chair.

The committee shall meet on a once a month basis to review parking citation appeals by employees.

Repeat offenders will be referred to their supervisor or dean regarding the matter and for appropriate actions to be taken.

6.2 Requests for Review of Appeal Decisions

Decisions made by either of the Appeals Committees may be reviewed upon request of the appellant by the Parking Services Supervisor.

Requests can be submitted by email to

6.3 “Failure-to-Display” and “Improper Display Citation Voids

Two citations within a calendar year for “failure to display permit” and “Improper Display of Permit” will be waived if appealed appropriately. This policy applies to all students and employees.

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7.0 Parking Committee

7.1 Appointment

The Parking Committee is appointed by the BYU-I Administration and charged with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining parking rules and regulations which govern university property.

The Parking Committee is a sub-committee of the President’s Council and all recommendations of the Parking Committee are submitted to them for final approval.

7.2 Committee Members

The Campus Parking Committee is appointed by the University Resources Vice-President. The members are representative of the students, faculty, staff, and administration of BYU-Idaho.

7.3 Suggestions

Any parking suggestions may be submitted to the Parking Committee through the Parking Services Office, a member of the committee, or the University Resources Vice-President.

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8.0 Waiver of Liability


Any person desiring to use the traffic ways, grounds and/or parking facilities of BYU-I does so at his or her own risk.

BYU-Idaho assumes no liability for vehicles parked or driven on university property.

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9.0 Sign Legend

9.1 “A” lot parking only

No student parking permitted. “A” permit holders, visitors, and other as authorized may park in these lots.

9.2 “N” or “S” lot parking

General parking open to students, visitors, faculty, staff, and administrators with valid “N” or “S” permit.

9.3 “H” lot parking

Parking for students residing in on-campus housing. Only “H” and temporary overnight permits allowed.

9.4 “E” lot parking

General parking open to students, faculty, staff, and administrators with a valid “E” permit or any valid campus permit Except the area designated for Long Term “L”

9.5 “C” lot parking

Lot specific parking only with authorized “C” permits which are valid in 4th Ward lot or “E” lots.

9.6 “L” Long Term parking

Long term overnight parking is a lot designated for contracted off campus housing residents. Only those showing the “L” permit will be allowed to park in this area. The “L” permit is not valid in other lots on campus.

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10.0 Shared Vehicle

A situation may occur when there is a shared vehicle either with married couples, or other family members, where one of the parties has acquired sufficient citations to have reached the fifth level in fines. If this occurs it will be necessary to contact the Parking Services office as soon as possible.

The vehicle and permit may be transferred to the other party but the citations will follow. If the newly registered party receives a citation, he/she will have to contact the Parking Services office immediately to appeal the citation, explaining the transfer. Failure to do so will result in the citation being charged at the highest level.

Each situation will be considered on its own merits.

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