Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment Verifications are used to show proof of student status (full time, part-time) for current or past semesters and Good Student status for a current term at BYU-Idaho. Ordering an Enrollment Verification can be a free alternative to ordering an Official Transcript for currently enrolled students. Enrollment Verifications will not show currently enrolled classes.

Obtain an Enrollment Verification or other information.

Current Course Enrollment Verifications

If you need an official BYU-Idaho document to show currently enrolled classes, use the Fee and Schedule form. BYU-Idaho Official Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications do not list currently enrolled classes.

Fee and Schedule form

  • Instructions: Once you login to your my.byui.edu account and are on your "Personal Accounts" page, find the "Fee and Schedule Form" section on the right hand navigation. Select the term you need, then click "Generate Form." Print the pdf form that appears.

Letter of Anticipated Completion of Degree

Some students may need proof of their degree before the degree is able to be posted at the end of their final term.  For this reason, you can be provided with a  Letter of Anticipated Completion before your degree is posted. To qualify for a  Letter of Anticipated Completion you must be enrolled in all final courses required to complete your intended degree, and have already applied for graduation.  If you meet this criteria, email  graduation@byui.edu  with subject line "Request for Letter of Anticipated Completion."  Include your name, I-number, where you want the letter sent, and how you want to receive it (email, mail, In-office pick-up).      

Transcript Notarization / Apostille

If you are seeking employment outside the United States and need your diploma notarized by BYU-Idaho and/or authenticated (apostilled) by the Idaho Secretary of State, call 208-496-1024 or email transcripts@byui.edu for instructions before ordering a transcript.

If it is necessary to have a notarized duplicate diploma sent together with your notarized transcript call 208-496-1024 or email transcripts@byui.edu for instructions before ordering a transcript.

GED Transcripts

GED tests were formerly administered and recorded at BYU-Idaho/Ricks College. Several years ago, the State of Idaho retrieved and secured all GED transcripts from BYU-Idaho/Ricks College. BYU-Idaho no longer keeps GED Transcripts in our archives. Students who took the GED test at BYU-Idaho/Ricks College may only order their GED transcript from the State of Idaho at https://www.diplomasender.com.

Pathway Transcripts

To order a Pathway Transcript, select one of the following two options:

  • Last attended Pathway before Fall 2014 - (A BYU-Idaho transcript)
  • Attended Pathway Fall 2014 and after - (A Pathway transcript)
    • Instructions: After logging into the Pathway website, click on the drop down arrow next to your name. Choose "Transcripts" in the drop down menu.