Preparing teachers to serve PreK-12 students

If you have a desire to serve students in developing to their potential, BYU-Idaho teacher preparation has 15 major areas and 15 minor areas for you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully teach.

Teacher Preparation Core

Teaching is one of the most important works in society today. The teacher preparation program will prepare you for a career in teaching, which is among the most rewarding and challenging careers you can choose. The demand for teachers is high and although educators are not paid the highest salaries, the long-term benefits of a career in education are priceless.

Teacher Preparation Programs across multiple colleges at BYU-Idaho are supported by a common vision for preparing teachers in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, the master teacher. Each program provides deep knowledge of the content needed for teaching in the chosen discipline with support from a common teacher preparation core.

The common teacher preparation core for each program includes 6 courses that provide the fundamental knowledge for teaching and satisfy Idaho state standards.

The 6 courses are:

  1. Education 200 – Teaching as a Profession (2 credits)
  2. Education 304 – Development, Cognition, and Understanding (3 credits)
  3. Education 361 – Principles of Teaching and Assessment (3 credits)
  4. Education 344 or Education 461 – Idaho Comprehensive Literacy #1 or Reading in the Content Area (secondary) (3 credits)
  5. Sped 360 – Diverse and Exceptional Students (2 credits)
  6. Ed 492 – Student Teaching (12 credits)
    • Student teaching and other clinical experiences are coordinated through the Teacher Preparation Programs’ Field Services Office. Student teaching placements are coordinated with partner school districts in the states of Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.
Teacher Teaching
Work with teachers who care about you as you become a teacher who will strengthen your future students to reach their divine potential.

Teacher Preparation Programs

In addition to the education core courses that are common to all teaching programs, there are two types of teaching programs to specialize your teacher preparation. (1) An education major coupled with an education minor requires coursework in two disciplines  leading to a license to teach in both areas. (2) Education Composite majors require extensive coursework in a single discipline  leading to a license to teach a single discipline. Details regarding each of the programs can be found by selecting the program below, which will link to the program’s department website.

1. Majors and Minors

2. Composite Majors (Teaching majors leading to a license to teach a single discipline)