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Spori Art Gallery

Sacred Events from the Book of Mormon: Jorge Cocco Santángelo

Jesus Preaches to the Multitude, Oil, 2019
Jorge Cocco Santángelo
Jorge Cocco Santángelo returns to the Jacob Spori Art Gallery with his world-premiere exhibit depicting familiar stories from the Book of Mormon. Viewers can find scenes from Nephi’s boat, Abinadi and King Noah, Moroni hiding the plates, the brother of Jared, and many more. In his sacrocubism style paintings, Cocco simplifies the subject matter with straight lines, blocks of color, geometric shape, and dynamic coloring, allowing viewers to individually associate their own meanings and interpretations with aesthetic and spiritual aspects. This inspiring body of work was created just in time to welcome in the Church’s 2020 Come, Follow Me curriculum on the Book of Mormon.

Cocco’s deep understanding of scripture and his unique point of view will inspire viewers with a different side of familiar Book of Mormon stories. Cocco said, “When one puts forth effort with the reading of the gospel, although the story is always the same, behind the story there is always a second interpretation.” This second interpretation is deeply personal, featuring unique, individual promptings that get to the spirit of the stories. Cocco is a world-renowned artist who has exhibited several times in the International Art Competition at the Church History Museum, and is featured in other notable museums and galleries.

Born in Argentina, Cocco has traveled to Spain, Mexico, and other parts of the world, but most recently, Cocco moved to the United States and currently resides in the Dallas Texas area.