The Heavens are Opened: Faculty Art Exhibit

Exhibition Dates: January 13 – February 24

Zoom Webinar Reception: 7 pm, January 27, 2021 — Webinar 

The faculty exhibit, The Heavens are Opened, was to originally show in April 2020, in time to commemorate the 200thanniversary of the First Vision. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the exhibit to be postponed. Now, we are pleased to present this exhibit in time for the 201st anniversary of this seminal event in Church history, when young Joseph Smith approached his Father in humility, early in the spring of 1820. The resulting answer to his prayer would forever change the world.

The faculty show is a unique exhibit where works in various media and styles can be seen in one place. Because of this, most faculty shows are eclectic in nature, without a focus on any one theme. This time, however, the faculty came together in celebration of this central event, drawing diverse expressions into a unified concept by the power of their collective efforts. 

We hope to share the spirit of the First Vision, lifting the souls of those who visit the exhibit.

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