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BYU-Idaho Ropes Course
With aerial and ground activities for students and the community, the BYU-Idaho Rope Course has something for everyone.

Ropes Course Summer Adventures

Aerial Activities

Ropes Course - Aug 2021
Ropes Course
The Ropes Course contains three levels, each more challenging than the previous level. The bottom level has moderate challenges and the top level is the most difficult. Participants are connected to the course with a continuous belay system to explore the course. Fantastic individual and group-challenge activity. (Limited to 60 participants per two-hour period.)
a guy on the giant swing
The zipline travels around the Ropes Course property with three sections that start at the top level and end at the bottom level. The view from the top is excellent!
Giant Swing
A single participant sits in a harness while the rest of a group hoist the participant up to 50 feet into the air. Participants can release themselves to swing towards the earth. A great team-building and confidence-building experience. (Limit 20 per two-hour period.)
Power Pole
A true test of grit, the power pole is a great team-building activity. A harnessed participant stands atop a 40-foot pole while the rest of a team look on and provide support by holding onto the harness. The participant then leaps forward, attempting to grab a trapeze bar. The team softly lowers the participant back to the ground. (Limit 20 per two-hour period.)
University Relations Public Affairs Office members at the ropes course.png
QuickFlight Free Fall Device
Step off a platform into an unrestricted free fall before being softly caught and lowered to the ground. Good activity for building trust and confidence.

Ground Activities

Team Development Course
Designed to help groups learn principles of teamwork, communication, and cohesiveness, this activity is great for department training, youth groups, and families. Our staff can create activities based on any principle or theme you need. (Limit 35 per two-hour period.)
a group doing team-building activities
Whale Watch
Test the balance and skill of your entire team—and that’s just the beginning!
Ropes Course - Aug 2021
Spider Web Activity
Carefully pass through holes in a spiderweb made of string.
Team Wall
A classic teamwork activity, Team Wall is a great metaphor for overcoming obstacles and quickly brings teams together.
Wild Woozy
A partner activity that tests the trust and balance between two people as they get farther apart.
Prouty’s Landing
Test your group’s ability to keep everyone together and supported. (Unlimited per two-hour period if not combined with Giant Swing, Tower, or Team Development Course.)
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Ropes Course Winter Adventures

Experience the thrill of our ropes course all winter long, now available indoors! Don't let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the excitement and challenges of our exhilarating ropes course activities. Escape the winter blues and conquer new heights in the comfort of our climate-controlled facility. Book your indoor ropes course experience today and elevate your winter adventures!

Indoor Winter Activities

Crate Stacking
Crate stacking is an activity where participants use crates to build a tower while on belay. The goal is to stack the crates as high as possible without the structure collapsing. Participants place and stack the crates, one at a time, requiring balance and coordination. This is a great date activity! The cost is $3 per person, and that will allow you to climb for about 15 minutes. You may register for multiple sessions if you like. Participants who stack more than 25 crates may win free lunch at the Crossroads on campus! To register, please click the link below or find us on the BYUI I-Belong app. You must be at least 54" tall and a minimum of 70 lbs. to participate. You may also make a private reservation for a large group. Please call the scheduling office at 208-496-3120 to make a reservation. Pricing is listed below.

Crate Stacking - Apr 2022
Name Games
Name games are engaging activities designed to break the ice and foster a sense of camaraderie among participants before embarking on a ropes course adventure. These games typically involve participants introducing themselves in creative ways, using elements of the ropes course environment or equipment to add an extra layer of excitement.
Crate Stacking - Apr 2023
Ground Initiatives
Ground initiatives are team-building activities that take place on the ground level, often serving as a precursor or complement to traditional low & high ropes course activities. These initiatives focus on promoting teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills among participants in a more accessible setting.
Team Building - May 2021
Low Ropes Activities
Low ropes course activities are team-building challenges that take place close to the ground, typically involving obstacles, structures, and props set at a lower height. Unlike high ropes courses, low ropes courses are situated closer to the ground, ensuring a lower physical risk. The low ropes course activities available at this time are Spiders Web and River Crossing.
High Ropes Course Activities
High ropes course activities are adventurous and challenging exercises that take place at an elevated height above the ground. The high ropes course activity available during the winter is crate stacking.

What People Say About the Ropes Course

"I wish we could have done more because it was so much fun!"
"I had a lot of fun and was glad that the instructor pushed me to keep going to the top of the climbing tower! It was definitely worth it!"
"I was a bit scared at first, but because the facilitators were there to explain everything, I felt at ease and had a great time."
"The ropes course is pretty awesome. I would recommend it to anyone."
"I can't wait until I am able to go again!"

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Ropes Course T-shirt
Ropes Course t-shirts and stickers are available for purchase at the BYU-Idaho bookstore.