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No charge for official campus groups. YSA Wards and Stakes get a 20% discount.

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Community Groups

Great for family reunions, scout troops, wards, businesses, and other organizations.

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The Ropes Course may be scheduled in advance for a group of 8 or more, or you can buy individual tickets to an event. A session at the Ropes Course is a great way to get to know other people. At the Ropes Course you will play group games, work together to solve puzzles, and help one another conquer the climbing tower and giant swing. The Ropes Course provides opportunities for individuals and groups to learn skills like team building, problem-solving, support, trust, and unity.

  • Climbing Tower: Up to six participants at a time can climb the tower while other group members safely belay them. The tower is 45 feet high, with a great view from the top. (Limit 35 climbers per two hour period)
  • Giant Swing: One person at a time sits in a harness suspended in the air, the rest of the participants hoist the swinger up 30 feet. When ready, the participant releases themself to start a swinging wild ride! (Limit 20 per two hour period)
  • Team Develpoment Course: This course is designed to help groups learn principles of teamwork, communication, and cohesiveness through of possible challenges. Our staff can also create an experience based upon any principle or theme you would like. This activity is great for department training, youth groups and families. (Limit 35 per two hour period)

Lower Initiatives

  • Whale Watch: This activity tests the balance and skill of the entire team, and that's just the beginning!
  • Spider Activity: Participants in this activity are carefully passed through holes in a spider web of string.
  • Team Wall: The team wall is a classic teamwork activity. This is a great metaphore for overcoming obsticles and brings teams together very quickly.
  • Wild Woozy: This partner activity tests the trust and balance between two people as they get farther apart.
  • Prouty's Landing: Prouty's will test a groups ability to keep everyone in the group together and supported. (Unlimited per two hour period if not combined with Swing, Tower, or TDC)


The Ropes Course is located at 50 W 7th S, west of the Rexburg Temple and adjoining the baseball fields.


Please dress appropriately for the weather. Remember that evenings in the fall can be quite cool. Shorts are acceptable, but they must be modest in nature. It is recommended that you wear a closed-toe shoe. At a minimum the shoe should stay on your foot. Slides and flip flops are generally not appropriate footwear.