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Collegiate Singers Student Performers

Mandatory Information Meeting

Wondering how you can further develop your talents, make lifelong connections, strengthen your testimony of Jesus Christ, and have a profound influence on audience members and others? Perhaps a Collegiate Singers Performance Tour is the answer!

A mandatory information meeting will be held on TBA at TBA in TBA. At this meeting, you will be given an overview of the tour and will find out what it will be like to go on tour, what we are working on as we put the tour together, and what will be required of you as a tour participant. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

Student Tour Handbook

The Student Tour Handbook contains a detailed description of what you need to know for a tour. Please take the time to read through this document so you are well-prepared for the upcoming Performance Tour.


Itinerary information with departure and arrival dates and times, performance venues, and cities that are included on this tour.

Packing List

Wondering what to bring on tour? Here is the recommended packing list of personal items to bring.


Names and contact information for the artistic director, tour manager, chaperones, and other student participants can be found on the roster.

Documents to Submit

All students participating in the tour are required to fill out and submit the Participation and Activity Waiver online. Caution: the waiver form can only be submitted one time and cannot be changed after submission.

If for any reason you need to deviate from the planned tour, you must fill out and submit the Deviation from Itinerary Request form online.