Performance Groups

BYU-Idaho Performance Tours are made up of six different groups of talented individuals. Their performances range from spiritual symphonies to energetic vocal and dance performances.

History of BYU-Idaho Performance Tours

In 1926, a 100-voice choir,12-piece orchestra, 32-member ballet company, and lots of props took off from the campus in Rexburg, Idaho, in a caravan of 20 automobiles. This first-ever road performance traveled 50 miles to Blackfoot and performed Gounod's Faust to an appreciative audience of 1,100 people.

Thus began the performance tour program of BYU-Idaho that in more recent years has built bridges of friendship and understanding across the United States, in Europe, Russia, South America, Asia, and the isles of the sea. Performers continue to display a noticeable unity and joy in their purpose.