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2023 Summer Construction to Continue into Fall Semester, Winter 2024

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The 2023 Summer Session is an important time of year for Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Architecture and Construction Management Services. With most students away from campus, it’s an ideal time to install new equipment, lay fresh asphalt, and paint building interiors. However, due to the number of ongoing projects, much of the work will be carried over into the Fall 2023 Semester, with several projects extending into 2024.Projects initiated during the July-August timeframe include the following:

Romney Remodel

An interior remodel of the Romney Building basement and a remodel of the building’s exterior. First announced by former President Henry J. Eyring in his Fall 2022 commencement address, the remodel will provide a new photo lab area, a multi-use classroom, physics labs, and offices, as well as a new bio-chem lab on the second floor.“Over many years, what was once state of the art has become outdated,” President Eyring said. “For example, the basement, which once housed photo labs, has been underutilized.

Renovations to increase the usefulness will include new ceilings, LED lights, HVAC replacements, and a physics lab. And, with good care, it may stand and serve students for another sixty years, perhaps longer.”The Romney Building remodel will carry on into 2024.

BYU-Idaho Center Auditorium Project

The purchase of a new choir riser system for the BYU-Idaho Center stage led campus facilities engineers to discover that the current stage was not strong enough to support the new equipment.Neihlee Muir, construction projects manager, said the choir risers were a planned addition but the stage remodel was not.

“This system is retractable, which causes a heavier point load on the stage,” she said. “Engineering was done and it was determined that the existing stage's structure would not hold the new system. Working with our design team and contractor, we were able to build a new structure under the stage and place a new concrete deck.”

Much of the stage remodel project has already been completed, with the concrete pouring taking place during early August. The concrete will continue to cure over the next few weeks and will then be painted black after the first devotional of the Fall 2023 Semester.

Taylor/Benson Parking Lot

In July, the Taylor/Benson parking lot was demolished. Muir said the parking lot has held up through the winters, but it recently reached the end of its operational lifespan.

“The Taylor parking lot surface has been failing for some time due to a poor subgrade,” she said. “The project consisted of a complete profile rebuild of the subgrade with new light pole bases, light poles, and asphalt.”Starting with the excavation of 33,000 cubic feet of subgrade and ending with a fresh layer of asphalt, this project is on target to be completed before the start of the Fall 2023 Semester.

Taylor Remodel

A remodel of the Taylor Chapel will allow for better ADA access to the chapel’s interior. Additionally, new pews will be installed and the rostrum will be updated.

Hart Gym Remodel

The sports physical treatment area in the Hart Gymnasium is being remodeled. Last year, the Hart Gym and Auditorium underwent a number of significant updates. Some of those projects, such as the trophy and awards area in the north lobby, are still ongoing.

HVAC Upgrades

Upgrading HVAC systems is the only project impacting the Ricks Building this year. The temperature controls that regulate the HVAC systems will be replaced to help improve energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability in the Ricks.

Elevator Upgrades

Improvements to the elevators in the Snow, Smith, Austin, and Taylor buildings are currently taking place. These upgrades will extend the operating life of the elevators.

Stadium Drainage Project

An excavation project will take place under the stadium to add a new drainage system. Operating hours and services at the Outdoor Resource Center will not be impacted by the construction.

New Pickleball Court

The tennis courts off of 1st West (across the street from the Hart Gym) will be replaced with a new playing surface and fencing. The new court will be painted to accommodate both pickleball and tennis games.

MC Remodel

Portions of the third floor of the Manwaring Center will be remodeled to accommodate the Faculty Development teams. These teams were formerly located in the McKay Library but have outgrown their office space.The MC Little Theater stage will also be remodeled for the relocation of the photography studio from the McKay Library. Additional upgrades to the theater will provide better ADA access on and behind the stage.

Campus-wide Roof Replacement

During the summer session, roof replacement projects began for the McKay Building, the Manwaring Center, the Hart Gym, the Benson Building, the Austin Building, and the Agriculture Science Center arena buildings. Additional roofing projects include new fascia added to the Benson Building roof exterior and rain gutter repairs at the Spori Building.

Campus-wide Concrete Replacement

Due to the increased deterioration of concrete, the university will continue to replace concrete in several areas across campus into the Fall 2023 Semester.For updates on building closures due to ongoing construction, check the Advisory emails each Monday.