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Guidelines for Journalists

Guidelines Overview

General Guidelines

Brigham Young University-Idaho values an open, friendly relationship with the news media. Reporters are welcome to visit the campus to cover news about the university. However, because BYU-Idaho is a private institution dedicated to the creation of a focused learning environment, a few guidelines should be followed.

Guidelines for Interviews and Transmissions

Reporters planning to cover a story on campus should first coordinate their visit with University Relations. This includes interviews with employees and shooting video or photographs. BYU-Idaho asks that students not be interviewed on campus so they can focus their attention on their classes and studies. However, if speaking with a student is necessary for your story, please work with University Relations to coordinate an interview. 

Journalists are welcome to interview students off campus, although the university's preference is that students be interviewed only if their perspective is relevant to the story being covered. Students do not speak on behalf of the university. Official institutional comment comes only from University Relations.

Interviews with university faculty and staff should also be coordinated in advance. University Relations is happy to facilitate interviews with faculty who can speak as expert sources on a variety of topics. But again, official comment on institutional matters comes only from University Relations. 

Television stations transmitting live shots from Rexburg should remember campus property is private. Live trucks should not be set up on campus parking lots without prior approval.


The BYU-Idaho University Relations office can be reached at (208) 496-2000 or