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BYU-Idaho Disciple Journeys: A New Inspirational Podcast on BYU-Idaho Radio


A new podcast from BYU-Idaho Radio highlights stories of BYU-Idaho students, employees, and alumni about their journeys to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and BYU-Idaho's impact along the way. It’s called “BYU-Idaho Disciple Journeys.”

Among the interviews in the first season is John McSwain, a student who never thought he would study at BYU-Idaho. But when he came to campus, he realized he needed to study here.

“I loved the campus. I love the environment that this campus has,” he said in episode one of the podcast. “Meeting these professors inspired me to say, ‘Yes.’ To drop everything . . . to get a great education.”

Those professors are also part of the podcast. They talk about their own journeys to discipleship and how they are instrumental in helping students come to Christ.

“I love it when a student comes to me after class or comes to my office and says, ‘Hey, I got this going on,’” said Chase Rockwood, a faculty member in the Department of Religious Education. “That’s one of our roles, too, is to just be there and to be a help. Not to shame or to judge but to just listen, and guide, and mentor people to the Savior.”

Isabella Salazar, a BYU-Idaho student studying news and journalism, hosts the first season of the podcast. In each episode she asks the same final question: “How has BYU-Idaho helped you become a better disciple of Jesus Christ?”

“I think it’s just a great way to get people talking about the impact BYU-Idaho has had on them,” she said. “I think it’s something that most people who go to BYU-Idaho can relate to, and it’s something that they can connect with and something that they have experienced.”

The first season has 14 episodes. Find the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and other major podcast platforms. New episodes are available every Monday.

If you know a BYU-Idaho student, employee, or alumni who could be featured on the podcast, email the podcast producers at