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On-Campus Internships

BYU-Idaho offers students on-campus internships based on department needs. Guidelines for students and hiring managers.

Guidelines for On-campus Internships

Student employees working in the tech center at the University Store.

These guidelines are intended to provide students with high-quality experiences, comparable to off-campus internships. Students will be able to focus on gaining valuable skills, rather than trying to juggle the demands of work and school simultaneously.

On-campus internships should be driven by the department, rather than a student’s request. The department should identify a need, determine if a qualified supervisor is available to oversee the student, and then submit a request.

Requirements for On-campus Internships

  • Students may complete one campus internship.
  • Positions must be 20-40 hours per week unless previously approved as an exception.
  • Students must be paid through student employment (volunteering or working for scholarships will not qualify).
  • On-Campus internships must last the entire length of a semester.
  • Job duties and responsibilities must be substantial/elevated (no basic labor is permitted).
  • The internship must require skills obtained in the classroom related to the student’s major and courses taken, prerequisite training, technical skills, etc.
  • No teaching assistant or research assistant positions will be approved.
  • No secretarial/administrative assistant positions will be approved.
  • The student’s supervisor must work in the same department.
  • The supervisor must be a qualified mentor in the student’s field of study. Other student employees do not qualify as internship supervisors.
  • The supervisor must be able to oversee the student’s work, ensure that correct principles are being applied and provide appropriate feedback.
  • An educational background/degree is preferred, but extensive experience in the industry may qualify the supervisor as an internship supervisor.

On-Campus Request Guidelines

The hiring supervisor submits a request to create an internship at The proposal must include all of the following information:

  • Job title and description
  • Appropriate for which major(s)
  • Paid
  • Hours per week and total weeks
  • Name, title, and qualification of supervisor
  • If pre-selected, the name of the student filling the position
  • Designation as a one-time or ongoing internship position
  • The business need for the internship position
  • How this experience would lead to gainful employment in the student’s chosen field
  • Date of request
  • Signature of requesting a supervisor and Department Chair/Director