"How can I be a better roommate?"

Step 1: Ponder

In preparation for this meeting, read Hymn 223, "Have I done any Good?" and answer the following questions:

  • How can you help your residents see new opportunities to become better roommates?
  • How can you encourage residents to "go and do something today?"

Step 2: Discuss

Select one of the three options below to lead residents in a group discussion. This discussion will help residents determine how they can be a better roommate. As you prepare, consider additional questions that will enhance the discussion. Remember to allow residents time to think and participate.

Step 3: Activity

This activity is intended to help residents identify how they can become better roommates. Break into small groups to do the following exercise then come back together and discuss what was learned.

  • Give each group a piece of paper. Have them write characteristics that embody a good roommate. Have them discuss how they could be that kind of roommate.
  • What keeps residents back from becoming that roommate/embodying those characteristics or putting the effort into being the best roommate they can be?
  • Have each group member share a characteristic that they want to work on this week. Invite the group to discuss what each member could do to develop that goal during the week.
Picture of roommates charring

Step 4: Invite & Follow Up

Invite everyone to thank their roommate for a positive quality that they see in them this week.

Follow up in person, email, or text on their experiences.

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