Student Living Made Simple

Student Living is not complicated; don’t overthink it. Living and teaching fundamental principles of love, responsibility, respect, kindness, honesty, cooperation, and forgiveness is Student Living. Make Student Living a daily part of your work.

Watch the video and consider the following questions:

  1. What made this apartment special?
  2. What principles and/or values did you see in action?
  3. What is your role in helping residents create this type of apartment?
  4. How can you more strongly exemplify the principles of Student Living?

Your Influence as a Manager

Teaching residents is inherent in the daily life of a manager. In the simplest of ways, your words and actions can significantly influence residents.

Watch the following videos and ponder these questions:

  1. How does Student Living contribute to my purpose as a manager?
  2. How do I make Student Living a natural part of my daily work?
  3. How can I measure my influence on residents?

Resolving Conflict

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Conflict among residents or between residents and managers can be challenging. Use your position and influence to encourage peaceful and positive interaction. Here are some suggestions that may help you manage conflict.

Get All the Facts

Before you take action, obtain as much information as you can from all parties involved. Do not jump to conclusions.

Listen to Understand

Focus 100% on others as they speak. Don't think about what you want to say next. Try your best to put yourself in their shoes.

Address Issues Early

Don’t ignore conflict. Be prompt and responsive. Addressing issues early prevents misunderstandings and greater divisiveness.

Be Clear

Don’t dance around the issue. Clearly describe your perspective and expectations.

Be Kind, Respectful, and Resourceful

To ease tensions, be kind and respectful. Identify solutions where everyone wins. Being resourceful shows empathy and professionalism.

Building a Student Living Culture

Managers have a unique opportunity to create and foster a warm and inviting culture at their complex. An approved housing complex should be a place where students feel valued and respected.

The following videos show Student Living in action. What can you do as a manager to encourage this way of life?

As you build a Student Living culture, consider these five steps.

Identify current attitudes and feelings of residents. How do they feel about one another? How do they feel about the complex?

Plan creative ways to improve residents’ attitudes and perceptions. Consider activities, social media, or other initiatives to create and foster a Student Living culture.

Have fun! Residents need to de-stress and engage in enjoyable and meaningful activities that also support their goals and desired outcomes.

Always practice the principles of Student Living in your interactions with residents. Show love. Be kind. Be respectful. Be honest. Forgive.

Continually seek feedback and try to assess your efforts. What might be working well? What can you do differently to achieve your goals?

Additional Student Living Resources

Apartment Council

One of the keys to a Zion-like apartment is communication. Apartment Councils are one of the best ways roommates can get together to discuss concerns and what kind of apartment they want. Here you’ll find great resources that can help your tenants learn to effectively counsel together.

Student Living Guidebook

The Student Living Guidebook provides a clear and thorough description of the purpose, principles, and desired outcomes of Student Living, defines the structure and recommended implementation of the Student Living model, and offers educational and resource materials for teaching and reinforcing the primary principles associated with gospel-centered apartment life.

Student Living Meetings

Student Living Meetings are a perfect opportunity for managers to teach important principles that build and strengthen roommate relationships and sets a general tone for the property.

Student Living Talks

Here are foundational talks given by leaders of Brigham Young University - Idaho and General Authorities from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that teach the fundamentals of Student Living Principles.

Student Living Videos

The Student Living Videos are meant to be used for training purposes and as examples during Student Living Meetings. Some of these videos represent common scenarios in the apartment, while others teach important principles to have at home.