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Student Living Meeting Outlines

Student Living meeting outlines for apartment managers to present to student residents about student living principles and apartment living standards.
August 02, 2022 10:16 AM
Teach students how to build Zion in their apartments by considering ways they can invite light into their lives by living the principles of the gospel.
August 02, 2022 02:57 PM
Teach students how they treat one another is a reflection of their love for God.
August 02, 2022 03:37 PM
Teach residents how to look for practicals ways to love and serve their roommates.
August 02, 2022 04:25 PM
Help residents learn to be observant of roommates and other residents as they look for opportunities to serve like the Savior.
August 02, 2022 04:44 PM
Help students understand how showing Christlike tolerance for differences in others can develop mutual respect and build Zion in their homes.
August 02, 2022 05:05 PM
Help students learn how to see worth and value in their roommates and practice the golden rule.