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Department of History, Geography, and Political Science
Understand the political, social, cultural, and religious forces that influence the world.

Discover the beauty of the world.

Brother Michael Madsen teaches his early morning Geography For Elementary Teachers class in the Ricks Building with a class sitting, listening to him.

The Department of History empowers students with a sense of the complexities of the human experience and a solid understanding of U.S. and World history. Gain a solid understanding of American and World history and how it affects us today.

The Department of Geography helps students gain experience investigating how physical and cultural phenomena have shaped past civilizations and today's world.

The Department of Political Science encourages active student involvement and sponsors two societies for students to participate in. Students can choose an emphasis of American Government or Foreign Affairs to coordinate their education to their career goals.

Bachelor's Degrees We Offer

For general information about each of our offerings, visit our 
Degrees and Programs page.