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Student Health Plan

BYU-Idaho requires all students to have adequate health insurance. A medical coverage plan is available for students enrolled at the university. Learn more about cost, prescriptions, co-pays, and deductibles.

Insurance Requirements

BYU–Idaho requires all traditional, matriculating students to either have health insurance coverage in the Rexburg area or participate in the BYU—Idaho Student Health Plan for the duration of their BYU—Idaho education (including, but not limited to, semesters during which you are deferred, suspended, on your flex semester, or completing an internship). If you have selected the Student Health Plan by mistake or were unable to enter your private insurance information online, the Health Plan can be waived if the waiver is submitted by the semester deadlines.

Acceptable insurance substitutes include:

  • Insurance through a policy held by a parent 
  • Group insurance through your employer or your spouse's employer 
  • Idaho Medicaid or Medicare 
  • Individual/Commercial Affordable Care Act compliant health care plan that is valid in Rexburg, Idaho 

Dropping the Student Health Plan

If you have an acceptable substitute policy, you can be withdrawn from the Student Health Plan by filling out the online form at the time of registration.

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Student Health Plan Waiver Deadlines

The deadline to waive the full semester is a week after the semester has started. After that deadline, you will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan for that semester. If this deadline has passed, there are options to potentially waive the second block of the Student Health Plan. The deadline to waive the second block is a week after the second block has started. If you fail to meet this deadline, you will not be able to waive any part of the Student Health Plan for that semester.

Waiving Student Health Plan Deadlines

Full Semester 1 week after the semester has started
Second Block 1 week after the second block has started

Specific deadlines are posted on the BYU-I Academic Calendar. For any other questions, call 208-496-9331.


If you are in Rexburg, Idaho Medicaid is the only kind of Medicaid that will serve as an acceptable substitute policy. If you want to waive the Student Health Plan with Idaho Medicaid, you will need to send your Idaho Notice of Action letter to

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Student Health Plan Costs


Individual Full-Semester Coverage: $532
Individual Single-Block Coverage: $266
Family Full-Semester Coverage: $2,114
Family Single Block Coverage: $1,057

If the family consists of two full-time students the best option is to get two individual plans.

Coverage starts the first day of classes for the given semester and will cover the student until midnight of the day before the next semester’s classes begin. If the Student Health Plan is purchased for the Spring semester, the 7-week break is included in the $532-semester charge at no additional cost.

Benefits of the Student Health Plan:

  • $10 charge for all covered benefits in a single appointment, excluding prescriptions at the Student Health Center.
  • $25 co-pay if seen outside of the BYU-I Student Health Center
  • $0 Deductible at the BYU-I Student Health Center
  • $500 Deductible if seen at other facilities
  • Full-Medical Coverage Nationwide

For a full list of benefits consult the DMBA Handbook.

(Be sure to select the most recent version of the BYU-I Handbook.)

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