Majors, Possible Careers, and the Course list for Biology, Agriculture, and Health Science Focus Area.

Do you love the life sciences and wonder how that could be used in a career? The Biology, Agriculture, and Health Science focus area gives you tools to wrestle with some of the big issues of the 21st century. You will investigate the challenges and opportunities involved with creating a sustainable food supply, promoting healthy lifestyles, and providing health care for everyone. Courses in this focus area explore biology, health, and personal wellness as well as current scientific topics. Prepare yourself to lead in healthcare, agriculture, or health science.

Course List

Semester 1

  • *REL 250C or REL 275C, assigned based on Cohort (2)
  • *GS 100 – Career and Self Discovery (1) 
  • ENG 150 – Writing and Reasoning Foundations (3)
  • *GESCI 110 – Sustaining Human Life (3)
  • NUTR 150 – Essentials of Human Nutrition (3)

*Courses with an asterisk are those that are part of the student’s cohort.

Semester 2

  • REL 250C or REL 275C, whichever was not taken in Semester 1 (2)
  • GECIV 100 – American Heritage (3)
  • HS 132 – Personal Health & Wellness (2)
  • BIO 230 – Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology (4)
  • Elective Course (1-3)