Freshman focus areas are exploratory majors. When you sign up for a freshman focus area, your declared major is called Freshman Focus. The Freshman Focus Area program lasts for two semesters.


How Does the Freshman Focus Area Program Work?

A list of specific classes will be provided to you. Your class schedule will include five or six courses that equal 12 credits for each semester. It is recommended that you take 30 credits during your first year at BYU-Idaho. Most students take 12 credits during each on-track semester and six more credits during a flex semester. We will help you plan your schedule to fulfill the coursework requirements.

How Will My Classes Go Towards Graduation?

Many of the classes in the Freshman Focus Area program will count as required courses for your new major or General Education requirements. Other courses may count as electives. It is possible to opt out of a recommended course if you have already taken the class or are not interested in taking it.

What Should I Expect from Each Semester of the Program?

During the first two semesters of the Freshman Focus Area Program: 

First Semester 

  • Take three of your classes in a cohort of 25-30 students. A cohort is a group of students who share the same classes. This will help you meet other students who share your interests.
  • We will help you with class registration:
    • We will register for your three cohort classes for you.
    • We will recommend 2-3 additional classes that you will register for yourself.
  • You will have access to career exploration advisors to help you explore possible careers and majors.
  • You can participate in the Dare to Declare campaign, a series of extracurricular events to help you explore possible careers and majors. 
  • Take the GS 100: Career and Self Discovery course to help you explore your talents, find your purpose, and choose a career.

Second Semester 

  • We will recommend additional courses for your second semester.
  • Get help officially declaring your new major.

Should I Finish the Program Once I Declare a New Major?

The purpose of the Freshman Focus Area program is to help you discover the field of study that’s right for you. Students are not obligated to finish both semesters of the program. Once the Freshman Area Focus Program completed, you will need to declare an official major of your choice. You can change your major at any time. Choose the major that’s right for you, even if it’s a part of a different focus area.

How Can I Sign Up for the Freshman Focus Program?

Complete our interest form or email