Learn how your interests, personality, and talents can enhance a future career.

How Freshman Focus Areas Benefit You

Need to decide on a major? We can help! Explore potential majors and careers with BYU-Idaho’s Freshman Focus Areas Program.

Program benefits include:

  • Help to form a class schedule
  • Help with class registration
  • Take three classes with other students who share your interests
  • Consult with career counselors

Focus Areas

Choose one area of interest in the Freshman Focus Areas Program. The program allows you to explore the majors and careers tied to your interests.

business icon

Business, Communication, and Management Focus Area

A natural leader, you find joy in sound teamwork, communication, and making things happen.

  • Great leadership and communication
  • Learn about economics, accounting, and business
  • Explore careers in business management and communication

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Biology, Agriculture, and Health Science Focus Area 

You are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and respect for our living world.

  • Curiosity and concern for the natural world
  • Learn about life sciences, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles
  • Explore careers in nature conservation, health, and land management

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Education icon

Education Focus Area

The world is your classroom. You love to teach and shape the hearts and minds of the future.

  • Love to teach and help others learn
  • Learn about principles of teaching and classroom technology
  • Explore careers in professional teaching

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psychology icon

Family and Social Science Focus Area

You are fascinated with relationships and cultural influences on individuals, families, and communities.

  • Fascinated by relationships and human development
  • Learn more about psychology, politics, sociology, and family life
  • Explore careers in counseling, social work, and human resources.

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Fine arts icon

Fine Arts Focus Area

You connect creatively with the world through art, dance, music, and theater. The world is your stage.

  • Love art, music, theater, or dance
  • Learn more about history, forms, and individual creativity
  • Explore careers in design, communication, theater, music, and visual arts

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Humanities icon

Humanities, Languages, and Public Service Focus Area

The language, literature, diversity, and rich history and background of other cultures fascinate you.

  • Interest in different cultures, languages, and people
  • Learn about literature, history, and social studies
  • Explore careers in writing, administration, law, public relations, and politics

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STEM icon

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Focus Area

Numbers and computers never get old. You love to learn how things work and solve problems.

  • Critical thinker with interest in tech fields
  • Learn about math, data science, physics, and chemistry
  • Explore careers in web design, manufacturing, engineering, and technology

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