Shared Scholarship Lectures

November 30th 2017

"Shared Scholarship Lecture" by Steven R McNeil, Physics Department 11/30/2017

June 29th 2017

"Solar Eclipse Presentation" by Steven R McNeil, Physics Department 06/29/2017

March 30th 2017

"Shared Scolarship Lecture" by Anne Papworth, English Department 03/30/2017

Archived Lectures

"Shared Scolarship Lecture" by Jared Williams, Dept. of Applied Plant Science 09/29/2016

"Shared Scolarship Lecture" by Gary Benson, Theater Department 06/30/2016

"Shared Scolarship Lecture" by Jeremy Slade, Economics Department 05/7/2015

"Leonhard Euler: A Mathematician's Search to Know God" by Troy Goodsell, Department of Mathematics 4/2/2015

"Paradigms and Pain, the Paradox of Culture" by John Ivers, Department of Languages and International Studies 01/29/2015

"Spirituality and the Brain" by Clair Eckersell, Department of Biology 10/30/2014

"Having the Idea is not Living the Reality" by Ryan Nielsen, Department of Music 5/29/2014

"Studying Sin: Notes from a Campus Criminologist" by Tiff Jenson, Department of Sociology and Social Work 3/20/2014

"How a Trip to Walmart Revitalized My Teaching" by Kevin Shiley, Business Management 1/30/2014

"What Do Fossils Teach Us About the History of Life?" by Forest Gahn, Department of Geology 10/31/2013