Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Faculty Association is to facilitate constructive communication between the university administration and the faculty by assessing the collective opinions of the faculty and representing such views in appropriate forums. The association will also facilitate communication and collaboration among the faculty. (Constitution, 13 March 2009)

May 31

Join us at our Spring Semester Shared Lecture. 

Speaker: Trent Olsen, English Dept. 

Trent was recently awarded a research fellowship from the Idaho Humanities Council, a state-based program of the National Endowment for the Humanities, to further his work on William Wordsworth and Charles Darwin.  

Title: Entangled Influence: Wordsworth, Darwin, and the Struggle for Literary Survival.

Date: Thursday, May 31, 2pm

Place: Taylor 120

March 29 Shared Scholarship Lecture

Shared Scholarship lectures are held every 5th Thursday, which is usually once a semester. Our new President, Jason Hunt, presented our 14th Shared Scholarship Lecture today. If you missed his findings on "Digital Manipulation" or any of our past lectures, visit the link available on the right side. 

New President-elect, Joelle Moen, conducted. We appreciate the brownies provided by Kelly Bergener. 

Thank You Past Officers and Representatives

We appreciate our outgoing President, Forrest Gahn and outgoing representatives Joel Judkins and Bryce Mecham. We appreciate all of your hard work, especially on the Faculty Survey!

Quotes from our recent survey

"I really appreciate someone being interested in my thoughts. I believe that my thoughts are communicated through the Faculty Association."

"The Faculty Association has breathed TRUE life into BYUI."

"I'm thrilled that the FA is talking to me. That in and of itself inspires me to care and to be active. This peer influence is a wonderful thing..."