A Degree Built For You

What classes will you take next semester? The possibilities are both exciting and a little overwhelming. You could challenge your belief that you don't really like poetry and find out how much you love Walt Whitman. Or you could add to your list of favorite Victorian authors.

What classes you take depends on three things: 1) your degree, 2) English Core Requirements, and 3) the electives that match your personal interests. 

Of course, your individual passions and your career goals will influence most of your choices. Check out Why Study English  to explore the many career options for an English major or minor; then choose the classes that will help you achieve your goals.

NOTE: You must pass all major classes, both Core Requirements and Electives, with a C- or higher.

Other Advising Resources

Take advantage of the other great advising resources at BYU-Idaho. Here are just a few recommendations to help you plan out the degree and education that you want.


iPlan is an online tool created by BYU-Idaho. You will find a graduation planner to help you map out your university course and help you avoid pitfalls like too many credits or missed requirements.  But you will also find other tools with iPlan. Check out the resources for educational strategies, professional development, and tutoring. 

College of Language and Letters Advising Center

Did your community college credits transfer? What if you need to substitute a class? Find these answers and more at the College of Language and Letters Advising Center. 

As an English major or minor, you are part of the College of Language and Letters, and you can visit the College's advising center for help with class requirements, substitutions, and other program questions. 

Drop by the Advising Center for a quick question or set up an appointment.

Faculty Advisors

As an English major or minor, you are assigned a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors can help you discuss career options, graduate school, and other life goals. Notice the difference between the Collee Advising Center and your Faculty Advisor. The Advising Center is the best help if you have questions about specific core requirements, credit limits and university requirements. Your faculty advisor can help answer questions about the best classes for your personal goals, career choices, or recommendations for graduate programs.