Degree Overview

When you graduate from BYU-Idaho with a degree in English, you will have a Bachelor of Arts degree or BA. What does this mean? That your four-year degree focuses on the humanities and liberal arts, rather than the sciences (BS). 

As you complete your BA, you will take classes in three categories:

Foundations (40 credits): fulfills the university's general education requirements

Major (51 credits): you will select courses from both the Core Requirements and General English Electives

Electives (29 credits): these are elective credits from any department in the university. You can use these credits to complete a minor in another department, or you can create your own emphases to support your career goals. Check out SmartElect for more advice on using these electives carefully. 

Select the degree that best fits your personal interests and career goals. Check out Why Study English for help in matching the right career to your interests. Then choose the English degree that will help you achieve these goals.

All BA degrees have similar core requirements, but different degrees will qualify you for specific career paths. 

NOTE: Regardless of the degree, you must pass all major classes, both Core Requirements and Electives, with a C- or higher.

BA in English

With a BA in English, you are prepared for a variety of careers. You might use a BA in English to prepare you for graduate school, law school, or medical school. You could prepare for a writing career by studying creative writing and professional writing. With your degree you will take classes that develop skills in close reading, analysis, and writing, and you have a lot of flexibility in tailoring your degree to fit your career goals

To complete a BA in English, you will take the English Core and 18 additional English credits based on your personal interests and career goals. Check out our General English Electives webpage for recommendations on choosing the right courses for you. 

BA in English Education-First Field

The English Education-First Field focuses on educational theories and methods for teaching literature and composition in public schools, grades 6-12. With a First Field degree, you will complete an education minor in a second subject. After completing this degree, you will be certified to teach in two different subjects. You might select a complementary minor such as humanities or theater. However, combining English with a degree such as math or science might increase your marketability. 

With this degree, you will complete the English Core Requirements, Teacher Education Core, Education Minor, and Student Teaching. In order to meet state requirements, you will complete fewer General English Electives than with other degrees. 

BA in English Education-Only Field

The English Education-Only Field focuses on educational theories and methods for teaching literature and composition in the public schools, grades 6-12. Unlike the First Field degree, which certifies you to teach in a second subject, the English Education-Only degree certifies you to teach English. With more English classes available to you, this degree allows greater study of English literature, language, and writing. 

With this degree, you will complete the English Core Requirements, Teacher Education Core, and Student Teaching. You will also take an additional 12 credits of English courses. Select courses that will add to your marketability. For example, in hiring interviews, many new teachers are being asked if they had completed composition or rhetoric classes at university. Check out some recommendations for these General English Electives

Minor in English

A minor in English is a great partner to almost any major because it allows you the flexibility to choose classes that best fit your interests and goals. Check out Why Minor in English to learn more about how an English minor will help you in your personal and professional goals. 

As an English minor, you are only required to complete two courses from the English Core Requirements (ENG 251 and ENG 314). Then you get to select 12 additional credits of English. Choose wisely. Select classes that you will love, but also consider how these classes will prepare you for the future. 

Learn more about elective classes. Go to Why Minor in English for a discussion of how specific classes benefit English minors. Or check out General English Electives to see how certain classes combine for career goals.

Minor in English Education

With a minor in English Education, you will earn a bachelor's degree-first field in another subject matter. Then you will certify to teach English as a second subject.  Having a second field increases your marketability, and schools need qualified English teachers.

With this degree, you will complete a modified English Core and other requirements.