1. Purpose
The Dean of Students Review Council is an educational process. The Council is designed to protect the mission of the university and provide the reported student with a fair process

2. Administrative Responsibility.
The Dean of Students, or their designee, serves as the Chair of the Dean of Students Review Council.


3. Composition of the Council
The Dean of Students Review Council consists of five members including the Dean of Students or their designee, who will serve as the Chair, three students appointed by the Dean of Students, and a university employee. 

4. Secretary
The Chair will designate a secretary to be present at every meeting of the Council. They will be responsible for taking brief, summary minutes of the meeting. These minutes will be the official record of the proceedings. No verbatim recording of the meeting will be made.


5. Request for a Review Council

6. Dean of Students Review Council

7. Review Council Decisions

8. Student Status Pending Review