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Background Checks and Dean’s Certification

BYU-Idaho’s Dean of Students Office provides background checks for students who apply for work with a government-affiliated agency or to attend other universities. We also provide clearance for university-sponsored overnight student trips.

The Dean of Students Office provides background, disciplinary reference checks for students who are applying for work with a government-affiliated agency. We also provide student background checks for other Universities & Colleges that a student may be applying to attend. This is sometimes called a Dean's Certification.

If you are a student trying to apply to another University or College you must provide a signed release form with your signature and date in order for our office to share any disciplinary information that is requested. Most Universities, Colleges, and agencies provide their own forms. If you do not have a release form, one can be provided.

The Dean of Students Office follows the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which prohibits the disclosure of student information without the written permission of the student.

If you are a faculty member who is taking a group on an overnight student trip you must provide a list of students and administrators' names attending, and an emergency contact number for the group along with the itinerary. Please allow our office time (two weeks prior to the trip) to process all the student names for clearance. An Overnight Student Travel Application form must be filled out and turned in along with the above-named information to the Academics Office at Kimball 210 and upon approval, they will forward the required paperwork to the Dean of Students Office for clearance of student names.