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Review Council

The Student Honor Review Council protects the mission of BYU-Idaho and provides a fair process for students facing suspension or expulsion.

Student Honor Review Council is an educational process. The Council is designed to protect the mission of the university and provide the reported student with a fair process. The decision of this council decides if the student will be allowed to continue with school and if the determination is final.

Students who disagree with their Notice of Separation by the Student Honor Office may request a review. The review is conducted by the Student Honor Review Council. The Review Council is created to protect the university's mission university and provide students a fair process. The Review Council's decision determines whether or not a student will be allowed to continue with the school. It also decides whether or not the decision is final.

A review request may be made if a student believes:

  • An error occurred that affected the outcome
  • New evidence has surfaced that could change the investigation
  • The action imposed was too severe

Students can make a review request by submitting a Request for Review form (obtained from the Dean of Students Office) to the Senior Associate Dean of Students. This form must submitted within five business days of receiving a Notice of Separation.

For more information, please refer to the Student Honor Review Council Policy.