1. Have you experienced a serious illness, or hospitalization that made you miss your class?
  2. Have you missed class and your instructor is asking you for a note from the Dean of Students office?
  3. Are you a faculty member who hasn't seen a student attend class for a couple of days or more?
  4. Do you have a roommate who didn't come home or who you haven't seen for a while?
  5. Have you or someone you know been involved in a automobile or pedestrian accident?
  6. Do you have a family member who is seriously ill or dying and you are needed to return home?

If you or someone you know have experienced any of these kinds of things in life, please contact the  Dean of Students Office so that we can assist you. The Dean of Students office will be able to advise you and refer you to the  Counseling Center  if you need help dealing with a loss or suffer from depression or a mental illness.

If you have missed too many days of school, The Dean of Students office can notify your instructors and assist you in processing a  medical deferment if it is needed.  It is the Universities policy that we do not excuse any absence for any reason, but we will notifiy all of your instructors to advise them of your situation and hope that they will work with you. You are also encouraged to make contact with them if you are able so that you can make arrangements if needed to make up any work that you may miss.

Fight The Flu
Fight The Flu

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