Frequently Asked Questions

What name do I use on my background check? (maiden name or given name)

Use the legal name found on a valid government issued driver's license, identification card, social security card, or passport. (If you are married and have already changed your name in your government issued ID, use that name- If not use maiden name) (School IDs are not considered as proof of legal name)

How do I change my name on my background check?

  • If there is a need to change the legal name in the profile (old registration/correction): Fax proof of legal name to the Criminal History Unit (208-332-7991). Include a date of birth. Use any of the following as proof: marriage license, valid government issued driver's license, identification card, social security card, or passport
  • Or tell the finger printer when you come in to do your background check & fingerprinting.

What do I need for the background check?

  • Fill out the application
    • Go to the website
    • Click New Registration
    • Register as an applicant to create your personal user name and password. Write them down and keep them in a secure place - you will use them several times.
    • Next, you must log on with your personal user name and password that you just created.
    • Choose Complete Application from the menu on the left.
    • Fill in the information page after page. Clicking the Next button at the bottom of each page will take you to the next page.
    • You must know the Agency ID number and enter it when asked. Please ensure that you have that information on hand before you apply.
    • When done, click the SUBMIT button
    • Now, you can follow the instructions to schedule your fingerprint appointment.
    • 10.  Print your application.  It will be at least three pages.
  • Bring government issued ID to background check
  • The school issues the student a 999- number.  This is a "temporary" Social Security number to use as a student or where Homeland Security approved them to work in the US until they can receive a permanent number or become naturalized.
  • When they get to the part regarding residency in the last 5 years, just add in all the addresses.
  • Do not edit the "mailing" address that is already listed in there unless it's an edit for misspelling or other typo error.
  • If the mailing address is the same as the residential, just add in the address again as an "application" address.
  • Additional charges:
    • Arkansas: $10.00
    • Colorado: $28.00
    • Kansas: $10.00
    • Kentucky: $10.00
    • Minnesota: $20.00
    • Pennsylvania: $8.00
    • South Carolina: $8.00
    • Virginia: $10.00
    • Washington: $20.00
    • Wyoming: $10.00
      (If state not listed no additional charge)

Where can I get my TB test?

The school health center, Walgreens, Community Care, or other community medical places.

How long do TB tests take?

It takes a few minutes for the TB test to be administered then you have to go back 48 hours later to get it read, which only takes a few minutes.

How long are my background check, TB test, and CPR certification good for?

Three for background and TB/CPR are good for two years.

What are my available resources as a teacher?

Where can I find ideas for my lesson plans?

  • We have a lab Pinterest page you can follow. Our username is rchildlabs.
  • In RR2 are plenty of books with ideas for activities that you have access to
  • Your supervisor may have a resource binder that she can supply with examples of past lessons