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Child Labs Parent FAQs

Learn more about registration, immunizations, and additional details about classroom management and policies.

Child Labs Registration

Fill out an application online. Learn more about Child Lab registration at Child Labs Application and Enrollment.

Complete an Online Application
  • Toddler: 18-36 months
  • Preschool: 3-5 years
  • School-age: 1st-4th grade

Learn more about age requirements at Child Labs Application and Enrollment.
The total fee for the entire semester is $100 for all ages. Learn more about pricing at Child Labs Application and Enrollment.


To help protect your child from vaccine-preventable diseases, certain immunizations are required before your child can attend licensed child labs. Learn more about immunizations requirements for the State of Idaho and possible exemptions.

Immunization Requirements
Come to the Child Lab office and fill out a partial or full immunization waiver.

Classroom Details


Your child should always have an extra set of clothing stored in the classroom in case of accidents. Even if your child is fully potty trained, accidents still happen and it is best to have clothing on hand. Please send your child with a labeled bag of extra clothing.

When there is cold weather, please dress your child in warm clothing to allow us to go outside. At all times, please dress your child in clothing that they can get messy.


Although it is not required, it is helpful if children have a backpack to store their preschool projects in to easily take home.
Of course! We love to have parents participate in the classroom. Parents are always allowed in the observation booth. If you would like to share a talent or skill with the children, please collaborate with your child's teacher to set up a time that works with a lesson.

Occasionally, your child's class may attend a field trip. This is a great opportunity for parents to participate in their children's learning. It is also helpful to have extra hands to keep children safe whenever we leave our regular classroom setting.
Please inform your child's teacher during a home visit about any food allergies. Child Labs will supply an alternate snack for your child.
With an exception to the first time, all subsequent late pickups are charged 50 cents per minute per child. Your child's teacher will give you a warning the first time you are late to pick up.