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Child Lab Policies

The following are policies relating to children participation in the child labs. Please review prior to enrolling children in the labs and use frequently as a reference regarding parking, illness, or holiday observance in the labs.
In an emergency, if evacuation of the building is necessary, children will be taken to the Smith Building and parents notified. Parents may pick up their child from the Smith Building at the West entrance.

If you have any concerns or questions specific to your child during an emergency please visit with the lab student supervisor. If there are specific items that your child may need you are welcome to place them in a large zip-lock bag with their name written on the label. We will return all unneeded/unused items at the end of the semester.
Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes that are appropriate for messy play, as well as the weather. We will play outside each day, except in very extreme weather.
At the beginning of the semester please send an extra set of clothes, including socks and diapers or underwear. Please label them with your child’s name so they can be returned to you at the end of the semester.

Children should not bring toys, gum, candy, or food to labs.

Sunscreen should be applied prior to arriving at school. We spend time outdoors daily.
We will have a nutritious snack each day. You will receive a copy of the snack schedule before classes begin. Inform the lab teachers at the home visit of any unique dietary restrictions or allergies. Licensing guidelines prohibit distribution of homemade food. You should discuss any exceptions to this policy with your lab student supervisor.
To ensure an environment of cultural respect and equality we do not include holidays and/or birthdays as part of our child lab curriculum or instruction. If you would like to bring a store purchased individually wrapped treat, in recognition of a birthday or holiday, please consult with your lab student supervisor.
Parents will be notified, but written permission will not be requested, when children go on walking field trips on campus (ex: for activities in the ballroom or a walk to the garden). Parents are welcome to attend on-campus field trips. Please arrange participation through your child’s teacher.
We follow the guidelines of the photo consent form you filled out as part of the enrollment paperwork. You may make video recordings and take photos of your child prior to check-in but not during lab time. Video recordings and photos of children in the preschool/toddler lab classrooms taken by students or faculty are for educational purposed and viewed by preschool/toddler lab faculty, staff and students. If you have concerns about this practice, please contact the lab director.
Parent partnerships are a valuable part of any preschool/toddler program. We hope you will take advantage of the following activities:
1. Home visits

2. Classroom observations from the booth: Booths are open any time preschool/toddler lab are in session and are located in rooms 201, 215, & 221for preschool and for toddler in room 275.

3. Classroom involvement: Schedule with the supervisor how you’d like to be involved in the classroom.

4. Extending classroom learning experiences in the home: Regular communication about the activities the children participate in will come through Brightwheel. You can prepare your child for each day’s activities (such as field trips) and discuss activities when you pick up your child.

5. Individual parent conferences: Please contact a teacher or program director if you would like to schedule an individual conference.

6. Abused, abandoned, or neglected: As mandated by Idaho Code § 16-1605, if we have reason to believe that a child has been abused, abandoned, or neglected, we are required to report our concern to the authorities. If you have any questions, please consult a faculty member. To protect your children, we endeavor to prevent child abuse in the lab by completing fingerprinting and background checks for all lab personnel, providing child abuse and guidance training for students each semester, maintaining two-deep teacher staffing, conferencing daily about concerns, and supporting each other in stressful situations.

7. Additional Safety Measures: In addition, we strive to keep children healthy and safe by training our students to meet national health and safety standards, including (but not limited to): appropriate handwashing, sanitation, food preparation and handling, and management of body fluids. Our students are certified in pediatric CPR and First Aid and trained in emergency evacuation procedures in the event of fire, earthquake, and an active shooter.
Our discipline goal is to help children develop self-control and problem-solving skills. In achieving this goal, generally . . .

We will:
  • Structure the environment and curriculum to minimize problems
  • Model appropriate behavior
  • Set reasonable and positive expectations
  • Offer choices
  • Trust children, respect feelings and calmly talk about problems
  • Acknowledge children’s success in self-control and problem solving
  • Remind children of expectations when they engage in inappropriate behavior
  • Redirect inappropriate behavior to something appropriate
  • Limit a child’s choices, or restrain or remove him/her from the situation if he/she is in jeopardy of harming him/herself, another person, or property or resists previous guidance techniques.

We will not:
  • Humiliate a child by isolating him/her in a separate room or using a time-out chair
  • Take away food, rest, or bathroom privileges as punishment
  • Use corporal punishment

If your child is ill or has had any of these symptoms in the last 24 hours please keep him/her at home. This avoids exposing other children and teachers to possible illness. Notify us if your child develops a condition that might be transmitted to other children, such as chicken pox or head lice. If any of the following symptoms exist, please keep your child at home:
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Pink eye
  • Fever over 100.4
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Unusual spots, rash or infected skin
  • Runny nose with any colored discharge
  • Any condition that would take your child out of the mainstream and require that a teacher spend an inordinate amount of time with just your child
If we notice any of the above symptoms your child will not be admitted. If your child becomes ill during lab, you will be notified to pick him/her up. If parents are unavailable, alternate contacts listed on the child lab forms will be notified. In a severe emergency we will call 911 and allow emergency medical services to take appropriate action. Parents will be contacted immediately.

The staff is not able to administer medication to any child without written directions from a physician and permission from a parent or legal guardian.
You will receive a parking pass permitting you to park in the designated area in the Clarke Building parking lot. This pass can only be used during the time you and your child are in the lab or observation booth.

Arrival and timeliness: When you arrive, please walk your child into the classroom. You must bring your child into the classroom and sign them in. Do NOT send your child in alone. Children will not be checked in early as the teachers are preparing for lab.

Late fees of 50 cents per child per minute will begin 5 minutes after the check-out time has ended.

Check Out: All adults picking up children must be on the pickup list or previous notification of an adult not already listed on the pick-up list and showing a government issued photo ID. At any time in the semester, if a teacher does not recognize a person arriving to pick up a child, the teacher will ask for government-issued photo ID and ensure that the person is an authorized person on the pick-up list. Children cannot be released to another child, even the child’s sibling.

Extended Parking: If parents want to stay and observe for long periods of time they can park at Clarke Lab parking but should not park during the drop off and pick-up parking times. They may also park at the church lot on the corner of 1st East and 2nd South with their Clarke permit.

Check-InLab TimeCheck OutLate Fee
M/W AM8:45-9:008:45-11:0011:00-11:1511:20 am
M/W PM1:15-1:301:15-3:303:30-3:453:50 pm
Toddler M/W8:30-8:458:30-10:3010:30-10:4010:45 am
Toddler TH8:15-8:308:15-10:1510:15-10:2510:30 am
After School2:30-2:402:30-5:005:00-5:105:15 pm