Who Should Complete an Internship?

Most BYU-Idaho majors require an internship. Some have an optional internship with alternate courses that can also meet the degree requirements. Check with your department coordinator or review the university catalog to learn what your department requires. Some departments require more than one internship; some departments require other types of experiential learning (clinicals for nursing students, student teaching for education majors).

When Should I Look For An Internship?

We recommend that you start your research two semesters in advance of the semester you'd like to do your internship. This will give you time to research, prepare, apply, receive and accept an offer, and make any necessary arrangements for temporary relocation.

When Do I Need To Register?

An internship is an academic course and should be registered before beginning work. However, standard registration deadlines do not apply, as internships may be offered and accepted throughout the semester, as long as there is time to complete all assignments. Financial Aid deadlines still apply.

How Do I Complete An Internship Evaluation?

University policy requires every intern to complete an internship evaluation in addition to the designated course assignments. Students access the Self Evaluation through their internship course's I-Learn site. It is designated as a Quiz and will link to the evaluation survey.

Employers will receive an email with a link to the evaluation survey.

How Much Does An Internship Cost?

Internship credits are exempt from tuition charges.  However an administrative fee equal to 1 credit hour at the current rate of tuition will be charged for an internship course.  The fee is in addition to any tuition charges for other classes.  Fees are charged independently of tuition and are not subject to the 12-credit tuition cap.

Is Financial Assistance Available For My Internship?

Financial assistance is available in some instances.  It is administered by the Financial Aid Office.  Please see this website for more information: