Frequently Asked Questions

No. BYU-Idaho uses an online ordering system for students ordering transcripts. Order here

Yes. Please check the login issues page for information on creating or recovering your username/password.

You may be entering your data incorrectly. If everything is correct, there could be a data error in BYU-Idaho's database. Please call 208-496-1000 to verify that your data is correct.

You may change your legal name due to marriage, divorce, or adoption or if you need to correct your name in BYU-Idaho student records by accessing the "Profile" tab in your mybyui account.   Click "Request Change" next to your name.

  • You will be required to securely upload your social security card which includes your correct name.      

For further questions, call 208-496-1000.

It depends if it is past due or not. If past due, all financial obligations must be cleared before an official transcript can be requested. Access to an unofficial transcript will also be blocked until financial obligations are paid. For further assistance call the BYU-I Accounting Office at 208-496-1900 during business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday - Friday).

In order to access your unofficial transcript and learn about the differences between Official and Unofficial Transcripts view the Official and Unofficial webpage. Note: You will not have access to your unofficial transcript if you have money owing to the university.

Yes, after you order your transcript online and choose "Hold for Pickup," someone else may pick up your official transcript as long as you give written and signed authorization to do so. The authorization must have the name of the person you have authorized to pick up your transcript as well as your signature and date. Whomever you authorize must show ID before the transcript will be released.

No, individual courses from transfer institutions do not appear on the BYU-Idaho Official Transcript. However, the name of the institution(s) and the total amount of credits accepted by BYU-Idaho from your transfer institution are listed on the BYU-Idaho transcript. The Unofficial Transcript does display individual transfer courses. View the Official or Unofficial webpage.

Yes, when ordering, you may request one of the following options:

  • Hold until grades are posted - Your transcript will be sent after all grades for the current term are posted to your BYU-Idaho transcript. Click here to see academic deadlines. First block classes are not posted until the end of the semester.

You can check to see if your degree is posted to your transcript by looking at your graduation application in your student account.

  • Hold until degree is posted - Your transcript will be sent after your degree is posted to your BYU-Idaho transcript. This could be 2-3 business days after final grades are posted if all requirements are met.

Typically it takes 2-3 buisiness days after final grades are available to students for a degree to be posted (if all requirements are met). If you have questions about this process visit

No. These grades will be available to students at the end of the semester when all final grades are posted to the Official Transcript.

If you have a question regarding the content or accuracy of your transcript, please contact Student Records & Registration at 208-496-1024 or

We use Parchment to send transcripts electronically to more than 37 Central Application Services (CAS). When transcripts are sent electronically, there is no need to upload the matching form. In place of the form, you will be required to enter additional information such as the bar code. 

There is an option to upload required forms to your online order. Note: BYU-Idaho will not receive these forms outside of the online order.

Only documents required by your transcript recipient to be sent with your request are allowed. BYU-Idaho has the right to decline an attachment.

These forms must be emailed to prior to making your request online. BYU-I will fill out our portion then email the completed form back to you. You will then make the transcript request online and upload your completed form to the request to be sent with your transcript.

Electronic PDF transcripts are an Official Transcript. Visit the Paper or Electronic website. Some third parties may not accept electronic transcripts. Verify with your recipient before ordering. Typically, a transcript for a third party should be sent directly to the third party, not sent to the student and then forwarded.

The security features embedded into the transcript are preventing the upload. To avoid this problem, first save the PDF to your computer then upload it to your application.

Go to the BYU-Idaho Catalog website for catalogs starting in 1970 until the current year.

For course syllabi contact campus departments.

If you are seeking employment outside the United States, or transferring to an international university, and need your transcript notarized by BYU-Idaho and/or authenticated (apostilled) by the Idaho Secretary of State, call 208-496-1024 before placing your order.

Pathway students attending prior to Fall 2014 order a transcript on the BYU-I transcript request webpage:

Pathway students attending Fall 2014 and after order through their LDS account: 
1. Log on to
2. Sign in
3. Click on top right drop down arrow next to name
4. Choose "Transcripts"