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  • Clean Culture: The Party Revolution

    BYU-Idaho Students Launch Crusade to Clean Up the Party Scene

    "People just go extreme left or extreme right on things where it's like you, you feel like you have to do all this raunchy stuff, trashy stuff, whatever you want to call it or you have to be super like Peter Priesthood and Molly Mormon and like not have fun. But, there's definitely an inbetween."

  • Gary Larsen, BYU-Idaho Theater and Dance Department Chair

    Brother Gary Larsen Invites People To Find Eternal Perspective

    "Think about your life as an integrated whole," Larsen told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Understand who you are, where you've come from and where you're going."

  • Rigby High School student Brianna Holbrook stands in front of a poster advertising her upcoming play and senior project, "The Price of Freedom"

    "It took a lot initially to get the cast together, to find people with the right vocals, with the appropriate music experience," Holbrook said. "Then it took getting people together for practices and learning the lines and getting them the scripts...but overall it's been a really, really cool experience, getting to know the cast."

  • "I Honor It"

    Students with BYU-Idaho Radio discuss the University Honor Code and what it means to them and to other students.

  • A child plays in the snow

    "We would love this year to not have a surplus," Smith said. "We would love to get the word out, so that if there are schools, maybe counselors, or teachers, or you know, that know of children that need something, that they could reach out to us and that we could get those coats in the hands of people that need them."

  • The cast of Seussical Jr. is comprised of Madison Junior High students in Rexburg | Photo Courtesy: Madison School District 321

    Madison Junior High Students Prepare for Seussical Musical Jr.

    "Theater has taught me imagination because being in theater is being who you're not and acting out things," a cast member told BYU-Idaho Radio. "It's given me a lot of imagination about what could, especially this play because it's talking about Seuss, I mean, Seuss is always imaginative and I really like it."

  • Elder Juan A. Uceda

    Elder Juan Uceda Encourages Developing A Closer Relationship With God Through Prayer

    "We live in a world where there are so many voices challenging our principles, our values, that it is key for us to make sure that we have that connection with the heavens."

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry students publish research for biotech company

    Under the mentorship of David Collins, a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry; Serena Michalsky, Ashley Tolzmann Thornock, and Ramon Soto Alvarez delved into extensive research that centered on testing certain methods of drug extraction and analysis.

  • A girl celebrates at a holiday festival

    City of Rexburg Gears Up for Holiday Festivities and Celebrations

    Jackie Rawlins, from the City of Rexburg, says this year's Christmas Tree Festival proceeds will go to the Shop With A Cop effort.

  • Front cover of Sister Neill F. Marriott's book, "Seek This Jesus"

    Sister Neill F. Marriott Talks About New Book Detailing Conversion Story, "Seek This Jesus"

    "I think the message should be that Jesus stands with His arms outstretched, waiting for us to seek Him, that He is immovable, He is all loving and He is calling to us to come to Him, to seek Him out in our daily life, in our daily walk, no matter the other voices and other distractions that we all have...to continue to move toward Him, because He is there."