Internship Policies and Guidelines

Note: This page is not intended to outline all internship policies and guidelines, but serves as a general source of information. For further information, please visit with your faculty internship coordinator.

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General Guidelines

Internship Courses

  • All internships at BYU-Idaho are academic courses.
  • All internship courses are for credit and a grade.
    • BYU-Idaho does not offer zero-credit internships.
    • Internships are letter-graded, not pass/fail.
  • Students must complete the registration process before beginning work, to ensure they are covered by the University's liability insurance policy.
  • As academic courses, you will have some kind of homework/assignments that you must complete in order to receive a grade. Students should obtain a course syllabus from their faculty internship coordinator.
  • Students must complete an end-of-experience evaluation for the University in order to receive a grade. This is in addition to any evaluation or assignment given by your faculty internship coordinator.

Experiences not approved for Internship Credit:

  • Door-to-door sales
  • Call-center phone-based positions
  • Telecommuting, work-from-home and internet research-based positions
  • Experiences performed solely during the Summer Session - your experience must be tied to another academic semester.
    • Spring Semester internships must begin by the start date of the second block of Spring semester - and may extend into or through the Summer Session.
    • Fall Semester internships may begin during the Summer Session, but students must work through the first block of Fall Semester, regardless of the number of hours completed. Finishing the required number of hours early for a department does not waive this requirement.

Length and Hours

  • Each department has different requirements for internship hours. Please check with your department internship coordinator for complete details.
  • Students are always encouraged to work full-time for the entire length of a semester, to ensure they have the best experience possible.
  • Internships must be at least 7 weeks long for the internship to be considered for academic credit. However, this length varies depending on the department.