Marriage & Family Studies (BS)

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Studies prepares students to understand the dynamics of healthy and strong families and to work in a wide range of human service professions, especially those servicing children and families. The major has a strong applied focus, with students completing a practicum where they develop and implement a family life education program and by completing an internship. The Department of Labor listed the job outlook within the social and human services as growing faster than average, however many of these jobs are entry-level positions. Those seeking a career within this discipline are advised to obtain at least a Master's degree. For information on jobs that an individual would be prepared for after completing this major see Career opportunities. The Major contains 3 different emphases.

General (also available online)

Electives focus more towards careers relating to family life education and related careers in community settings

Requirements 2016-2017 PDF Download

Professional Clinical 

Focus of electives is more towards a career in practice (therapy, social work, etc.)

Requirements 2016-2017 PDF Download

Home and Family Living

Electives focus more on child development, home management, and health  

Requirements 2016-2017 PDF Download

Family Advocacy and Policy

Electives focus on advocacy, political science, and law  

Requirements 2016-2017 PDF Download

*The four emphases do not have many differences in their core classes.  The biggest difference between the emphases relate to the elective courses as indicated above.

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