Billing and Insurance

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When you see a provider at the Student Health Center, you will be charged a

$10 co-pay
if on the Student Health Plan.

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Student Health Plan Benefits

Students who are on the Student Health Plan will only be charged $10 for all covered benefits in a single appointment. The only exclusions are prescriptions. Prescriptions will be subject to DMBA's coverage when assessing the charges. For a detailed description of what the Student Health Plan covers, please view the Student Health Plan Handbook located here.
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Commercial Insurance

The Student Health Center is billing and contracting with most major insurance companies. Once the insurance company has processed your claim, the amounts owed by the patient will be posted to your student account. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your student account to reflect these charges. If a student account is unpaid after 30 days of its posting, a finance fee will be charged by the accounting office.