Faculty Association

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Faculty Association is to facilitate constructive communication between the university administration and the faculty by assessing the collective opinions of the faculty and representing such views in appropriate forums. The association will also facilitate communication and collaboration among the faculty. (Constitution, 13 March 2009)

July 2nd Annual Caucus Meeting

The new President, Forrest Gahn, and the new President-elect, Tiff Jenson, were introduced today. Also, several topics of concern were brought up by the Faculty that were in attendance. For those wishing to view a video of the meeting, select the Annual Meeting and Caucuses link on the left.

We bid a fond farewell to our outgoing President, David Pulsipher, whose leadership has brought the Faculty Association to a new level of recognition. Thanks for all the hard work!

Quotes from our recent survey

"I really appreciate someone being interested in my thoughts. I believe that my thoughts are communicated through the Faculty Association."

"The Faculty Association has breathed TRUE life into BYUI."

"I'm thrilled that the FA is talking to me. That in and of itself inspires me to care and to be active. This peer influence is a wonderful thing..."