Process for a withdrawn ecclesiastical endorsement exception

The Board of Trustees of BYU-Idaho requires every student attending the university to have a current ecclesiastical endorsement and be true to the principles of the Honor Code. The decision to withdraw an ecclesiastical endorsement may only be reviewed through ecclesiastical leaders.

Requesting an exception for a withdrawn ecclesiastical endorsement

In an unusual or extenuating circumstance, a stake president or student may request an exception through the Dean of Students Office to allow the student to complete only the current semester without an endorsement. This exception does not affect the withdrawn endorsement; it only allows the student to finish the current semester. 

Process for requesting an exception

Should a request for an exception be presented to the Dean of Students Office, it will be processed in the following manner:

1. The Dean of Students Office may obtain a release of information from the student to gather information from ecclesiastical leaders and other pertinent individuals as it relates to the withdrawn endorsement. The student is not required to submit this release and may choose to request an exception with additional information. (Permission to Exchange Information Document)

2. The Dean of Students Office will compile a summary of the information gathered and an evaluation of risk to the student, others, or the university.

3. The Dean of Students Office will review the information and determine if the action is in accordance with the guidelines for enrollment established by the Board of Trustees.

4. The Dean of Students Office will notify the student, ecclesiastical leaders, and Student Honor Office of the decision.

5. If the decision concludes that the student will not be allowed to continue, the student may request a review to the Vice President of Student Life.  The decision of the Vice President of Student Life is final. 

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