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UWA Grants & Awards

Please submit your application to Cammie Sauer in CHP 107C or email

Things to Know

  • All women enrolled in classes at BYU-Idaho should complete the Thomas E. Ricks Grant Application and FAFSA by March 1st.
  • Identify students/employees who stand out or seem to need a little more financial assistance – send recommendations to the Financial Aid Office.
  • When Financial Aid reviews the applicants, they will award as many individuals as they can who qualify for an award.  

Links to Financial Aid

Past Grants & Awards

2016 Grant Recipients:

Wendy Miskin
Amber Mitchell
Teresa Moser
Tara Steenson
Jayden Cordier

2014 Grant Recipients:

Rebecca Johnston
Jessica Turner
Karla Ashbocker

2013 Grant Recipients:

Rebecca Johnston
Anna Marie Taylor
Neihlee Muir

2012 Grant Recipients:

Holly Howard
Sylvia Turley
Erin Gunnell

2011 Grant Recipients:

Sharon Leevy
Vicki Nye
Eva Sommer

2010 Grant Recipients:

Linda Mitchell
Louise Benson

2008 Grant Recipients:

Kerry Moser
Laurene Jackson

2007 Grant Recipients:

Nancy Taylor
Eva Sommer

2007 Grant Recipients:

Leta Bates
Marcanna Gohr
Carrie Goodman

2007 Grant Recipients:

Denise Rydalch
Deanna Leiser

2001 Grant Recipient:

Lisa Reese

2000 Grant Recipient:

Julie Davis

1998 Grant Recipients:

Rosalie Millburn
Lisa Dawn Cummings

1997 Grant Recipient:

Jana Love