-Work with Amy Labaugh to fund and organize the Women's Association.
     When a board member completes their term, contact Sister Labaugh and recommend
     a replacement. 
-Work with Mike Kelley in Financial Aid to process and award Grants when money is available.   At least once a year and twice if money allows.  Mike can tell you how much is in the fund.  Start the process at least 6 weeks prior to the luncheon.  Applicants do need to fill out a FAFSA form as well. 
-Coordinate with ticket office for luncheon tickets
-Luncheon Count Link
-Maintain the Women's Association Web Site
-Work with the board planning the luncheons
-Each semester alternate between Wednesdays and Thursdays to try and accomodate everyone

President Elect

- Work with the current President and committee members for one year (three events) and then
   become the President for one year.

Board Member

- Assist the President and President Elect for two years (six events).

Board Tasks

- Plan and schedule events. Order food, set up, decorate, serve the luncheons. Plan programs and entertainment, advertise and encourage members of the association.