International Transfer Credit

International transcripts are submitted to BYU–Idaho as part of the application process. Prospective BYU–Idaho students, please refer to the admission requirements for international students.

For international credits to be evaluated, students must:

  1. Accept their admission to BYU–Idaho.
  2. Provide a transcript of classes completed. An international credential evaluation agency must evaluate the transcript at the applicant's expense. Find more information about international transcripts on the admissions website.
  3. Provide course descriptions of courses that the student wants to transfer in English. Translated course descriptions will only be accepted if one the following conditions are met:
    • The sending university provides an English translation.
    • The transcripts are translated by an independent third-party (not family) translator.
  4. The country’s governing board recognizes the student's institution as an accredited institution, similar to a college or university in the United States. Institutions primarily focused on vocational and technical training are generally not transferable.

Once these conditions are met, transcript evaluators in the Student Records and Registration Office will evaluate courses for equivalencies at BYU–Idaho. Please be aware of the following restrictions on international transcripts:

  • Courses with failing grades will not be accepted.
  • Courses without an equivalent BYU–Idaho course will not be transferred to the University for credit consideration.
  • English courses taken in a country where English is not the primary language will not be accepted for meeting English requirements at BYU–Idaho.
  • Degrees earned at international institutions are not eligible for transfer.
  • Courses older than 10 years will only be considered for General Education requirements.

Official transcripts should be sent from previously attended colleges and universities to the Admissions Office by the application deadline.