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Transfer Evaluation Registration Tips and Timeline


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For your transfer credit to be evaluated, you must first submit your official transcripts and accept your offer to attend BYU–Idaho. Understanding how these credits transfer to BYU-Idaho will help you determine the courses you’ll need to register for at BYU-Idaho.
If you need to register for classes but your transcripts have not yet been processed, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Utilize your  Degree Audit: This tool shows you which classes you need to take based on your selected program of study.
  2. Utilize the  General Education Requirements  page to identify foundation courses you will need to take, as well as which foundation courses are likely already met. 
  3. Utilize the  Course Transfer Tool: This tool will guide you in how your courses may transfer to BYU-Idaho. This process can help prevent registering for courses that may be met once your official evaluation is complete. 
  4. Contact your Academic Advisor: Each student has an assigned advisor. Among other things, your advisor can help you plan courses for registration. 


Before your transfer credit can be evaluated, you will first need to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to BYU–Idaho 
  2. Submit your official transcripts 
  3. Get accepted by BYU–Idaho 
  4. Accept your offer to attend BYU–Idaho 

Your official evaluation will be completed within 2 weeks AFTER the date you accept your offer of admission. Once completed, you will receive a notification to your student email and be able to see your evaluated credits on your BYU-Idaho degree audit.